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ARGO-HYTOS Purchasing

Resourcing and purchasing activities at ARGO-HYTOS are coordinated via the local purchasing departments in Kraichtal (DE), Vrchlabi (CZ), Coimbatore (IN), Yangzhou (CN), Zator (PL) and Baar/Zug (CH). The different locations are part of a professional sourcing network within the ARGO-HYTOS Group. The continuous improvement and development of the purchasing organisation by their employees brings positive effects to the cost efficiency of ARGO-HYTOS.

We focus for long-term relationships with suppliers offering competitive prices and best quality.

It is our policy to work together with reliable partners willing to drive for innovation, flexibility, and optimizing along the whole supply chain.
Involving our suppliers/partners in product development phases is the basic requirement to ensure best possible results for both parties at the end of the project.
We regularly meet regular in global (cross-)functional teams to set new standards and processes which ensure efficiency for us and our partners.
Our code of conduct is part of our company philosophy and mandatory for ourselves. We expect our partners to commit as well.

Click here to read the full code of conduct.

Kinds of products we purchase:

  • Drawing technical parts (turned, machined, injected, punched, bended, deep-drawn, extruded, sheet metal parts ….)
  • Castings (grey irons, aluminum)
  • Seals (rubber, plastic, metal)
  • Coils for operating solenoids
  • Engines AC, DC and suboil
  • Hydraulic valves, pumps, accumulators, coolers, cylinders
  • Electronics and electrical parts
  • Semi-finished products
  • Springs
  • Parts acc. to standards (screws, nuts, expanders, fittings, couplings, rivets, pins …)
  • Metallurgical materials like profiles, bars, pipes, wires (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, cooper copper)
  • Extended workbench (surface and thermal treatments)
  • Sensor systems (oil level indicators, position transducers, pressure indicators and switches, thermoswitches, volume counters), connectors
  • Packaging
  • Plastic granulates (PA groups)
  • Chemical products (machining and cooling fluids and oils, ….), industrial gases
  • Filter media
  • Tools (machining – turning, milling, grinding, honing, …)

Nonproduction materials - Overhead cost

  •  Printed materials
  • Working and protective equipment
  • Office supplies
  • Operating materials
  • Construction and maintenance
  • Operating technology
  • Services (logistics, personal manpower leasing, material handling)
  • Energy
  • Other Overhead cost
Updated 06/2018
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