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At ARGO-HYTOS our core capability is comprised of sophisticated filter solutions together with hydraulic and lubrication systems. The range of solutions we have implemented extends from fixed-position industrial plants to mobile applications.

ARGO-HYTOS’ activities are chiefly focused on individually designed filter and system solutions that are precisely tailored to customer requirements.

Our customers can draw on knowledge from the cutting edge of technology, and benefit from experience gained in countless development projects over a wide variety of sectors. As well as customized developments, ARGO-HYTOS offers a comprehensive range of innovative standard solutions for a wide variety of applications:

  • suction filters
  • return and return-suction filters
  • pressure and high-pressure filters
  • filling and ventilating filters
  • filter accessories

Fluid Management

As well as reducing maintenance and servicing costs, effective fluid management is also a key factor in boosting the reliability, productivity and cost-effectiveness of the operation.
ARGO-HYTOS supplies application-oriented products for manual and automatic cleaning of hydraulic fluids:

  • Off-line filters
  • Off-line filter units
  • oil servicing systems
  • dewatering systems

Sensors and Measurement

Systems that provide reliable assessment of the condition of hydraulic fluids are the key feature of continuous fluid monitoring.

Sensors and measurement technology from ARGO-HYTOS precisely targets this range of tasks. Our fluid monitoring products comprise equipment and system solutions to enable online monitoring during continuous operation as well as analysis of bottled samples under laboratory conditions.

  • Portable oil diagnosis equipment
  • Stationary and portable particle monitor
  • Lubrication Condition Sensors
  • Software to evaluate data and analyze trends

Fluid and Motion Control

ARGO-HYTOS’ expertise in control technology is composed of more than 65 years of experience . We focus here on a wide range of valves, power units and integrated manifolds featuring all commonly used design features and functions, together with proportional valves and the associated control electronics:

  • valves sub-plate and sandwich type – flow control, pressure and check valves in CETOP 02 to CETOP 05
  • directly operated directional valves in CETOP 02 to CETOP 05 and pilot operated directional valves in CETOP 07 and CETOP 08
  • cartridge valves
  • directly activated proportional valves with compensator sandwich valve, in CETOP 02 to CETOP 05
  • analog and digital control electronics – on-board, or for installation in control cabinets
  • power packs and power pack assembly kits
  • integrated circuit manifold blocks

We focus especially on developing customized solutions based on tried-and-tested fundamental technologies, specifically adapted to the requirement profiles in each individual case.

Updated 01/2018
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