We produce fluid power solutions

Leading ARGO-HYTOS into a successful future

“A leader is an enabler! ​As a leader, one must enable the successful contribution of every person one is working with. Enabling the success of ARGO-HYTOS, that is what every member of the team is striving for.”

Erich Hofer, CEO

Efficiency is the foundation to create value for our customers and consequently ensures the success of our company. Therefore, ARGO-HYTOS fosters a culture of continuous improvement to secure a prosperous future.”

Benjamin Bass, CFO

“We create a competitive advantage for our customer in energy efficiency, smart products, assistance systems and condition monitoring. We are creating tomorrow’s integrated digital solutions.

Dr. Marcus Fischer, COO

“We listen to our customers, understand their requirements and create a sustainable added value with our system solutions in various end-markets.

Stefan Schindler, CMO

Updated 11/2023
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