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Welcome to the AH-Effect!

The AH-Effect Episode 1:

Anna & Harry find the Ultra-Solution together with the customer

We go beyond our product footprint offering filters and valves – we are your experts for mobile hydraulics. We know your machine, its functionalities and what it needs. Our team develops applications accordingly and in close collaboration with the customer. Let’s think out of the box together.
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The AH-Effect Episode 2:

Anna & Harry help translating the oil’s language

The dynamic prediction of an oil life and targeted changing of oil ensure the longevity of your machine. ARGO-HYTOS makes condition monitoring easy with our smart oil condition sensors that evaluate the measured parameters automatically. Let’s show you how contaminated oil is a thing of the past.
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The AH-Effect Episode 3:

Anna & Harry take full responsibility of your machine.


ARGO-HYTOS simplifies your life. We have a comprehensive and deep understanding of your machine, allowing us to ask the right questions to find the most suitable products, applications and solutions for you. Why make your life complicated?



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