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Proportional Directional Control Valve, with Digital Onboard Electronics and Internal Feedback


Size 06 (D03) • Qmax 30 l/min (8 GPM) • pmax 350 bar (5100 PSI)

    • Direct acting proportional control valve with integrated digital onboard electronics (OBE), proportional control, spool and process feedback
    • Control valve with subplate mounting surface acc. to ISO 4401, DIN 24340 (CETOP 03) standards
    • The valve opening and resulting flow rate can be modulated continuously in proportion to the reference signal
    • Digital electronics allows fine control of the valve spool position, reducing hysteresis and response time and optimizing the performance of the valve
    • Used for e.g. position and speed control of hydraulic actuators
    • Wide range of interchangeable spools available
    • The settings of electronics can individually be adjusted by a parametrization software
    • Easy to connect via USB ⇔ Micro-USB ports
    • Optical feedback of valve status through three LEDs
    • The valve is zinc-coated with the enhanced surface corrosion protection 520 h in NSS acc. to ISO 9227
    • High hydraulic power limits and smooth running characteristic
    • Improved shock and vibration behavior
    • CANopen connectivity



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  • P max. bar (PSI)
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