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PD10 - Serial Plates with Side Ports for ISO 4401-05 valves

Size 10 (D05) • pmax 250 bar (3600 PSI)

  • Designed to connect in parallel two or more ISO 4401-05 (CETOP 05) valves to build compact hydraulics on each axis vertically  
  • Stackable models (version Z6 and Z10) with mounting interface for ZB06 or ZB10 hydraulic power unit
  • Flexible design of various stackable plates enables simple creation of circuits without the use of pipes and fittings
  • Maximum 6 parallel modular valve sections may be installed. Maximum flow rate can be increased up to double the output if the sub-plates are powered at both ends
  • Serial plates are available in aluminium. For other material consult our technical department for their identification and feasibility
  • Includes mounting stud kits for plate assembly
  • In the standard version, the aluminium serial plate is without surface protection

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