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STUMMER Kommunalfahrzeuge GmbH: off-line filter unit for garbage truck



  • f.l.t.r: Jonas Würzl, Project Manager HAINZL,


STUMMER Kommunalfahrzeuge has been the specialist for the latest solutions and techniques in dust-, odor- and noise-free waste disposal for 40 years.

As the garbage trucks are used in wind and weather, STUMMER was struggling with contamination or water in the hydraulic system. There was a requirement to integrate a bypass filter in addition to the pressure and return filters already installed. In close cooperation with our sales partner HAINZL, who supports STUMMER in Austria, a compact and at the same time effective solution for this challenge had to be found.


Together with HAINZL a solution could be found by the ARGO-HYTOS modified off-line filter unit FNS040G incl. EXAPOR®AQUA filter element. The FNS040G off-line filter unit is the perfect solution as it is both compact and offers a very good filter performance. In order to bind the free water in the hydraulic oil, ARGO-HYTOS EXAPOR®AQUA filter elements are installed. These special filter elements can absorb and bind the „free water“ in the hydraulic oil.

Special features of the off-line filter unit:

  • Housing cover: The cover can be opened without special auxiliary tools.
  • Flow control valve: The FNS bypass filters are connected directly to the high-pressure line via a pressure-compensated flow control valve. The excess quantity (e.g. in circuits with fixed displacement pumps) from the high-pressure circuit is cleaned off via the ultra-fine filter element.
  • Dirt retention valve: A dirt retention valve is located at the bottom of the EXAPOR®AQUA filter element through which the flow passes from the inside to the outside. This closes when the filter element suspended on the cover is pulled out of the housing. Sedimented dirt is removed with the filter element.


  • Longer service life of garbage trucks
  • Higher availability of garbage trucks
  • Less maintenance (oil service)
  • High cost savings due to at least 2-fold extension of oil change intervals

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