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Flexible medium-pressure filter system

Series HD 037 / HD 057 / HD 077 / HD 097

The latest valve technology and the demand of modern mobile machinery for maximum availability lead to constantly increasing requirements regarding oil cleanliness. For ARGO-HYTOS, this means drawing on decades of experience in the field of mobile hydraulics to meet customer needs. Demanding customers require solutions that guarantee long machine service lives and at the same time reduce running costs through high availability. Our customers, renowned manufacturers of agricultural and municipal machinery, were faced with the challenge of finding an economical filter system that was not „over-engineered“, i.e. only provided the features required for the specific application.

ARGO-HYTOS has developed a flexible medium-pressure filter system that offers a wide range of possible combinations of housing lengths, connection options, filter finenesses and paint finishes to provide each customer with the ideal configuration:

  • fatigue-resistant up to 350 bar
  • in 4 different filter lengths up to approx. 120 l/min
  • with 9 selectable clogging indicators, each mountable in 2 different positions
  • with 2 different degrees of fineness of the new EXAPOR®MAX 3 filter element generation
  • high-quality varnished or prepared for varnishing at the customer

⇒ At least 32 solutions for your application.


  • Flexible filter series that meets the requirements of mobile hydraulics - space-saving, reliable and powerful
  • Efficient use of the often limited installation space through compact design
  • Various mounting options for the clogging indicator
  • Energy saving through a filter system optimized for lowest pressure drop
  • Increased availability of the working machine by using the new high-performance filter element EXAPOR®MAX 3
  • Modern filter system with best performance data

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