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Digitalization in Mass Production: Online Condition Monitoring



It is one of the main goals for factories engaged in mass production to ensure that the production process is not interrupted.

Regular investments are made in predictive maintenance of hydraulic systems to reduce the frequency of stops, to prevent unplanned downtime and to keep productivity high. The biggest source of failures and problems in hydraulic systems is oil contamination.

Regularly measuring the condition of hydraulic oil by taking samples causes both extra loss of time and additional labor, and it also does not allow timely detection of contamination.

ARGO-HYTOS emphasizes and raises customer awareness of the need for a system that continuously measures and remotely displays the oil condition of machinery.


As a solution to this situation, ARGO-HYTOS measured the temperature of the oil in the customer’s machines, the relative humidity and the service life of the oil with its LubCos series sensors (LubCos H2O+ for temperature, relative humidity, RUL (Remaining Useful Lifetime); LubCos Level for oil level) , and the contamination with measuring devices such as the OPCom Particle Monitor.

Sensors and devices are connected to each other via CANopen interface, and the measured values are collected via a remote gateway (LubMon Connect) and sent to the ARGO-HYTOS cloud. This data can be viewed from any location via the Internet. Automated messaging can be provided when the set limits are exceeded.


  • Measurements are taken continuously at 2-minute intervals and full control is provided. Online measuring shows the present status, not the time of sampling
  • Serviced when needed, reducing service costs
  • Early warning prevents possible damage
  • Longer machine lifetime
  • Avoidance of unplanned downtime
  • Increased machine efficiency
  • Uninterrupted mass production is ensured

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