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Filtration Working Hydraulics 700 Vario Gen7



ARGO-HYTOS has been reliably supplying high-quality hydraulic filtration solutions to the renowned tractor manufacturer AGCO FENDT in Marktoberdorf/Germany for decades. For this reason, ARGO-HYTOS has been given the opportunity to help develop a filtration concept for the working hydraulics of the next generation of the 700 Vario tractor series.
The task was to design a suction filter, two suction strainers, a return filter, filling and ventilation filters, a leakage oil connection and a connection for the system return for the working hydraulics system suitable for a plastic hydraulic tank.
As the hydraulic power in this series was increased, it had to be ensured that the air intake into the hydraulic oil was kept to a minimum and that filtration was ensured as required under all possible operating conditions.


Thanks to the intensive and very good cooperation and the bilateral „know-how“ transfer between ARGO-HYTOS and the AGCO FENDT development and testing departments, a customized filtration concept was developed. By using the latest development tools, such as a tank simulation, it was possible to find the optimum solution.

For the development process, this meant: new developments of the required components, such as a modular return line filter series, which was flexibly designed for future applications. After extensive trials in the tractor, the design was optimized and slimmed down. The suction filter can also be flexibly adapted to different volume flows.


Customer expectations in terms of functions, installation space, filtration results and quality were met in full. Thanks to the use of the new innovative filter element material EXAPOR®MAX 3, the required service life for the maintenance intervals is achieved and there is still a corresponding buffer for unforeseeable dirt ingress into the system.
The hydraulic system components are reliably protected against damage and ensure the operation of the tractor and its availability. Due to the flow direction of the filter element from the inside to the outside, changing the filter element is simple and clean.
The large surface area on the element when the filtered oil flows out ensures the greatest possible natural degassing of air from the oil.  

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