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What is a hydraulic power pack?

Machines of any type always require a source of energy. Drive technology is therefore one of the most important disciplines in mechanical engineering today. At the same time, the development of drives represents one of the greatest chapters in the history of technology. The development of drive technologies once began with simple pulleys or the first windmills. It continued through steam power and the electric motor to complete hydraulic drive units.

These drives use hydraulic pressure and volume flow as an energy source and still work according to the proven basic principle today:

  • The energy is supplied by a pump.
  • For example, vane pumps, gear pumps and piston pumps are used.
  • The pump is mainly driven by electric motors, but internal combustion engines are also used.
  • The energy conversion takes place in the closed unit and is available as volume flow and pressure.
  • Hydraulic power packs such as those from ARGO-HYTOS play a key role in this process.
  • They form the central unit of many hydraulic systems.

A hydraulic drive is characterized by its high energy density, good controllability and cost efficiency. Hydraulic systems usually operate with high pressures and flow velocities at the control edges.

Therefore, the highest demands are placed on the machines and processes used in the production and assembly of the components. A long and trouble-free service life stands here in the focus.

With over 75 years of experience, we at ARGO-HYTOS can meet these demands time and again. Today, we have grown to become a sought-after component and system supplier to many world market leaders in numerous industries.

Where can hydraulic power packs be used?

The standard hydraulic power packs from ARGO-HYTOS alone already offer you a wide range of possible applications. Here is a brief overview of the possible applications:

  • in machine tools
  • truck - adaptation ramps
  • in stationary lifting tables, mobile lifting platforms and scissor lifting tables
  • various mobile machines in agricultural and construction machinery for auxiliary and additional functions

For these and other applications, we have developed three series of hydraulic power packs. In addition to filtration and oil condition sensor technology, control technology has long been one of the focal points of ARGO-HYTOS' development work. Recently, we have also taken on an important role as the world's leading developer in the field of mobile hydraulics with innovative, flexible solutions.

With our SA, SMA and SPA series, we offer you a wide range of flexibly configurable hydraulic power packs. With each of these power packs you get a complete hydraulic drive with hydraulic pump, hydraulic tank and motor plus valve control.

We also supply additional modules and components for hydraulic circuits, such as modular valve kits. In addition to standard designs, ARGO-HYTOS also manufactures special designs of power packs or components made to measure for series applications.

What hydraulic power packs from ARGO-HYTOS are available?

Our hydraulic power packs range from small, compact models to those for medium-sized industrial automation.

The SA4 hydraulic power pack


The SA4 hydraulic power pack offers a three-phase motor power of up to 7.5 kW and a tank volume of up to 250 liters. Its place is thus clearly in industrial applications. Here, the power pack provides drive for machine tools and presses, but can also drive machines in the energy technology, food and textile industries.

This small listing only begins to show the flexibility of the SA4 unit. The enormous range of possible applications results from the diverse configuration options.

The individual configurations allow you to adapt the power pack precisely to the place of use and, above all, to the operating conditions. Thus, the hydraulic power pack can be easily adapted to different work cycles and operating times. Pumps or electric motors are selected for the power pack to match the required volume flow. Flow rates from 0.5 to 50 liters per minute are possible.

The drive can be provided by piston pumps with pressure control or by all types of gear pumps. Our technical support will be happy to advise you on this and help you find and implement your optimum series solution.


The SMA 05 hydraulic power pack

The strengths of the SMA 05 hydraulic power pack lie in its mobile use and small footprint. It offers similar configuration options as the SA4 hydraulic power packs for stationary industrial use. The SMA 05 compact or mini hydraulic power pack also fits into small installation spaces. It is ideal for

  • lifting platforms or lifting tables
  • small presses and machine tools
  • rotating and turning devices
  • numerous mobile applications


Mobile application possibilities include additional functions, basket balancing, emergency functions, decentralized hydraulic functions. Despite its low mass, the unit provides everything it needs with motor, pump, tank and distribution block. In addition to the classic steel tank, a lightweight, cost-effective plastic tank can also be selected.

The robustness and stability of the unit is not compromised by the plastic tank and the compact dimensions.

This hydraulic power pack can supply up to seven hydraulic consumers. Additional circuits can be coupled horizontally and vertically. Various DC and AC motors are available. In the SMA 05, they achieve rated outputs of up to 3 kW.

Tank volumes of between 1.5 and 40 liters can be selected as required. The unit achieves a maximum flow rate of 17 liters per minute. Our technical support team will work with you to develop your customized series solution.


The SPA 01 hydraulic power pack

The SPA 01 model is another compact power pack from ARGO-HYTOS. It fits into similarly small and even more limited installation spaces than the SMA 05. With an under-oil motor, it also operates very quietly. Thus, we offer you a drive solution that is as efficient as it is cost-effective and is particularly suitable for lifting platforms.

But other machines in intermittent operation are also ideally suited to the SPA 01 power pack, for example conveyors and lifting tables. At the same time, this horizontally mounted power pack model with motor, pump, tank and distributor block offers you a wide range of customization options.

These start with single-phase or three-phase electric motors and extend to various tank volumes. The unit's motors have an output of up to 3 kW. Available tank volumes range from 7 to 30 liters.

Instead of a heavy steel tank, a lightweight and cost-effective plastic variant can be selected to equip the power pack. With both tank materials, the integrated pump ensures a maximum volume flow of up to 10 liters per minute.

Hydraulic power packs and more: Let us advise you personally


We have compiled detailed instructions for you on how to configure a hydraulic power pack. Simply download the corresponding PDF document. It guides you step by step through all the selection options. In this way, you can quickly put together a suitable configuration for your hydraulic power pack.

Just as quickly, you can also conveniently get help here. Simply use our contact options. These include a form, contacting us by phone and email. Our experienced support team will promptly take care of your message and get back to you right away. You can always make technical inquiries, arrange consultation appointments or request help with the configuration of hydraulic power packs and other components.

Just get in touch with us. Trust a family-owned company with decades of experience and many innovations for the future. Just trust ARGO-HYTOS.




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