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SD2E-A4/H3 - Beyond the limits of performance

New Cartridge, solenoid operated 4/3 directional control valve


Operating Limits


SD2E-A4/H3 + SB-A4


We are pleased to introduce the new SD2E-A4/H3 three-position screw-in cartridge directional control valve which stands out for its unique features and superior hydraulic performance. At first glance, it differs from other ARGO-HYTOS screw-in cartridge directional valves by dual solenoids located in one control system. Currently, the Z11 and Y11 four-way spool valves are available for the most common applications. The valve can be installed in a standard 3/4-16 UNF (SAE 08) four-way chamber, ensuring valve interchangeability across the hydraulic market.


Above and beyond normal performance

Compared to other types, the new 4/3 solenoid-operated screw-in cartridge directional control valve is exceptional for its extremely high hydraulic performance. The valve is capable of controlling the direction of fluid flow up to a flow rate of 30 l/min (7.9 gpm), almost double that of other valves. The maximum pressures in channels 2, 3, 4 can reach up to 350 bar (5 080 psi) and up to 250 bar (3 625 psi) in channel 1, values which are not achieved by most similar products. The valve’s 10 million cycle life, tested on a proof-of-concept basis, confirms its suitability for the most demanding mobile applications. Thanks to the sophisticated design and simulations performed, the valve has a higher flow rate compared to products on the market. The pressure drop at 10 l/min (2.64 gpm) is 3 bar (43.51 psi) at 30 l/min (7.92 gpm) from 10 to 20 bar (145 – 290 psi), depending on the spool type and flow direction.


Transition from modular to screw-in cartridge

The new SD2E-A4/H3 cartridge 4/3 directional control valve offers a number of significant advantages compared to the RPE3-04 modular 4/3 CETOP directional control valve. The block designed for cartridge valves is dimensionally smaller than the block designed for valves with mounting pattern ISO 4401, DIN 24340 (CETOP 02). The smaller size of the SD2E-A4/H3 screw-in cartridge valve is especially appreciated by designers of mobile machines who have limited space for additional sub-components. Customers will also appreciate the valve’s surface protection, a zinc coating with a 520 h resistance in the ISO 9227 salt spray test, a surface protection suitable for demanding mobile applications.


Additional benefits

  • Emergency manual control with M7 marking, which allows simple locking of the spool in any extreme position in the case of power failure
  • The choice of either FPM or HNBR seals when configuring the valve
  • Universal coil allowing variability of all available types of connectors
  • Hardened precision manufactured parts ensure minimal valve leakage


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