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Modular Valve System

Example of a compact, multi-functional modular manifold assembly for the control of three actuators

The modular valve system RPEK1-03/B is a flexible system with a wide range of applications in mobile and stationary machinery. The RPEK1-03 sectional directional valve in size 03, with a maximum flow of 20 l/min per section is the basic component of the assembly. Thanks to a large number of horizontal and vertical sections, combined with screw-in valves, numerous schematics for open-center circuits can be created.
Customers appreciate the flexibility offered by the modular design when developing hydraulic systems, implementing various system modifications or making repeated design changes. Due to the ease of modification and extension, customers save development time and financial expenditure, including labor costs.

The total manifold assembly consists of four sub-sections:

  1. The inlet section connects the entire manifold assembly to the pressure and tank lines of the hydraulic system. It is possible to realize pressure reduction or an unloading circuit by using 7/8-14 UNF (B2, C-10-2) valves. The inlet plate can be installed at the center of the assembly and the module manifolds with valves can be connected to it on both sides. In this way, up to 16 sections can be connected. The modular inlet manifold can be used for operating pressures of up to 250 bar and a total flow rate of 60 l/min. BSPP and SAE industrial standard threads are available for connection to the circuit.
  2. Horizontal sandwich plates with cavities for any screw-in valve in size ¾-16 UNF (A2, C-08-2) allow for a wide range of control functions in ports A and B, which lead to the connected actuators. The following valves can be used:

    • Check valves and pilot-operated check valves
    • Flow control valves and flow regulators
    • Pressure control valves
    • Overcenter valves for load motion control
    • Any other solenoid-operated valves for directional control of the flow

  3. Vertical sandwich plates: Here, we offer throttle valves with bypass check valve, pilot-operated check valves and a number of cover plates with horizontal and vertical ports to connect the actuators to individual sections.
  4. The basic sectional directional control valves mentioned above, end plates and end plate valves complete the modular RPEK1-03 assembly.

These products are typically used for

  • cylinder functions in stationary and mobile systems
  • open center auxiliary functions in mobile and stationary machinery (crab steering & blade control)

Advantages & Benefits

  • Cost- and space-saving concept
  • No in-line body needed
  • Can be used separately or in combination with SMA 05 power packs
  • Horizontal and vertical plates, cavities for standard screw-in valves
  • Available connectors: DIN, AMP, DEUTSCH-DT04-2P
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