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For the past 75 years, ARGO-HYTOS has set trends in the field of Filtration & Fluid Management technology. The history of the new oil service unit UMPC2 is no exception.

Numerous meetings and discussions had helped us to understand what our customers expect:

  • Smart solutions
  • Multifunctionality and versatility
  • Ergonomics
  • ECO and energy-saving solutions
  • Convenient data management

But the final spark which started the new project was the meeting with a renowned manufacturer of drilling rigs. During the meeting and presentation of our existing UMPC aggregate, the client challenged us to enrich that device with a number of additional functionalities that had not been available so far.

ARGO-HYTOS’ Response

An interdisciplinary team of engineers has started the challenging project of further developing the UMPC family. The aim was not easy – a premium class device needed to be raised to an even higher level.

Finally, we were able to introduce a leading product on the market that stands out from the masses.

The new UMPC2 from ARGO-HYTOS sets the latest trends in the field of Fluid Management. Unbeatable ergonomic and multifunctionality make our device an excellent filtration tool.

The mobile oil service unit UMPC2 can be used for:

  • Filling the machine with filtered oil
  • Off-line filtration in hydraulic or lubrication systems
  • Oil transfer

Effective off-line filtration is not possible without reliable filter elements. An ultra-fine filter element is the heart of the UMPC2 unit. A high separation efficiency guarantees excellent cleanliness levels and thereby maximum protection of components. The high dirt holding capacity (up to 4000 g) makes the unit unrivaled in its class of devices. Next to the EXAPOR®MAX technology, the customer can use the following:

  • EXAPOR®SPARK PROTECT elements for fluids with low electrical conductivity (< 500 pS/m at 20 °C)
  • EXAPOR®AQUA elements for filtration combined with dewatering

Filling machines has never been as easy as it is now, thanks to the additional oil dosing function; the UMPC2 turns off when the pre-set oil volume is reached.

The oil condition is constantly monitored during the filtration process. Integrated sensors measure such fluid parameters like contamination with solid particles, humidity and temperature. When the target cleanliness class is reached, the unit can be switched-off automatically. The data from the sensors is saved to individual measurement profiles. The operator can create new profiles (for individual customers / machines / production lines etc.) and manage the existing ones.

The switching valve is used to choose between two modes of operation: “filtering” or “transferring oil without filtration”. In both modes the oil flow can be regulated in the range of 20 – 70 l/min.

That's not all!

Other important features of the UMPC 045 unit by ARGO-HYTOS:

  • Intuitive touch panel
  • Easy replacement of filter elements
  • Convenient data transfer
  • Element saving ECO mode
  • Quick reports generator
  • Report printing
  • Visualization of results on charts
  • Leakage-free transport

Market reaction? Couldn't imagine anything better!

After launching the UMPC2 on the market, we started the process of collecting opinions and feedback from customers. The first responses we received exceeded our wildest expectations.

“After successful testing of the demo UMPC2, the customer has ordered three more units without hesitation.”

“We introduced your unit to several customers and they are raving about it.”

“We tested the unit and are very happy – the UMPC2 is the perfect device for our needs.”

“The customer is so enthusiastic about receiving the UMPC2, they ordered another unit right away.”



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