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Definition, applications and functions of gear pumps

Definition, applications and functions of gear pumps

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In plants or machines with hydraulic drives, hydraulic pumps are one of the most important components. They deliver an operating medium into the hydraulic system and thus convert speed and torque into hydraulic energy. There are two types of pumps for this purpose: centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. Positive displacement pumps also include gear pumps, which ARGO-HYTOS has in its portfolio in various series.

How do gear pumps and other positive displacement pumps work?

Pumps are divided according to two basic principles of operation:

  • Centrifugal or flow pumps
  • Positive displacement pumps

In flow pumps, energy conversion takes place exclusively through fluid mechanics. Positive displacement pumps separate a volume and deliver it mechanically into the hydraulic system. This is where constant displacement pumps differ from variable displacement pumps.

Constant displacement pumps displace the same volume with each rotation. This is determined by the dimensions of the pump drive; different displacement volumes are available.

Variable displacement pumps are more flexible in this respect. For example, they can be regulated to the required displacement volume via different control units for hydraulic drives within the scope of their performance characteristics. This makes them very versatile pumps for industrial and mobile applications, and they are correspondingly widespread.

These pumps are again divided into a number of different types. The most common representatives form:

  • Vane pumps
  • Piston pumps
  • Gear pumps

Gear pumps designed as constant pumps move numerous hydraulic drives from ARGO-HYTOS. They are characterized by a simple design, robust and compact construction with a good price-performance ratio.

An external gear pump only requires a robust housing with an outlet and inlet. In this housing, two gear wheels work together. One of them requires a drive and the pumping of the used medium between the teeth of the wheels begins. Depending on the arrangement of the gears, different types of gear pumps are distinguished:

  • External gear pumps
  • Internal gear pumps
  • Gerotor pumps

External gear pumps are robust and durable, to reduce noise emission find helical gears.

How do the gear pumps from ARGO-HYTOS differ?

Our gear pumps are mainly available as external gear pumps. Their simple design ensures reliable functionality with low purchase and maintenance costs. With these advantages, the external gear pump surpasses any other operating principle. All gear wheels and drive shafts of our gear pumps are thermally treated, which increases their service life above average. Whether stationary or mobile hydraulic systems such as in agricultural and construction machinery: You can rely on these gear pumps.

You can obtain the gear pumps from ARGO-HYTOS in three series with different displacement volumes or also as Lightline variants for a low operating pressure:

  • GP1
  • GP2
  • GP3 and
  • GP0L, GP1L, GP2L or GP3L

GP1 Gear pumps

These pumps achieve a displacement volume of one to 9.8 cubic centimeters per rotation. In addition, they impress with high operational reliability and long service life. The GP1 gear pumps belong to our latest generation of pumps with improved efficiency and reduced noise. All models are made of a high-quality aluminum alloy and are available with various connection arrangements and dimensions. Multiple pumps are also available if required.

GP2 Gear pumps

For a slightly larger displacement volume, you can choose the GP2 gear pumps. The series achieves a displacement volume of 4.5 to 32 cubic centimeters with each rotation. Gearwheels with twelve teeth each operate in the slightly larger housings for this purpose. As a result, the GP2 series operates with above-average quietness. The housing made of a high-quality aluminum alloy is complemented by a cast iron cover and flange for extra durability.

GP3 Gear pumps

In this series you will find gear pumps with a displacement volume between 22.5 and 60 m3/rev. It is manufactured as robust and durable as the other series.

The Lightline GP0L, GP1L, GP2L und GP3L

These gear pumps have identical displacement volumes as the respective models of the main series. However, we have developed the Lightline variants specifically for low operating pressure. For this reason, however, they are not suitable for operation with multiple arrangements like the main series.

For detailed technical details on all ARGO-HYTOS left- or right-hand hydraulic gear pumps, please refer to our detailed overview.

Gear pumps full of many years of experience and highest product quality

ARGO-HYTOS has been working successfully as a medium-sized family business on the further development of industrial and mobile hydraulics for more than 75 years. Many innovations and first-class product quality have made us a major component and system supplier to many world market leaders. The gear pumps are just one of the many examples of this successful development.

They are part of an extensive product portfolio with hydraulic valves, control blocks and complete hydraulic power units. You receive the pumps as standard components, which you can order directly online or by catalog. In the same way, we customize all products for you individually and deliver customized solutions for your company in close cooperation.

In assembly and production, we work with a certified quality management system. This guarantees you maximum product quality, from individual components to entire system solutions. All our suppliers of materials are also certified. We work with them in long-term partnerships because they guarantee us the best material quality. Only from high-quality materials like these can high-quality products like those from ARGO-HYTOS be created.

We then shape these materials with maximum precision into finished components for drives and more. All functionally relevant parts are thermally treated for maximum service life and minimum wear. At the end of production and assembly, each product is subjected to an intensive functional test. In this way, we guarantee perfect functionality and compliance with all specifications.

Where can you use gear pumps?

In the industrial sector you can find our pumps for example in sawing machines. ARGO- HYTOS supplies many renowned manufacturers in this field with filter and valve technology as well as sensor technology up to complete drive units for sawing machines. Their working hydraulics are often based on gear pumps.

For some time now, we have become the innovation leader in the field of mobile hydraulics. The mobile use of hydraulic drives places special and higher demands on hydraulic drives and their components such as gear pumps. In addition to durability and reliability, compactness and low weight are particularly in demand here. Our developers solve all these challenges and combine their development results in unique products.

Today, construction machines such as blacktop pavers and compaction machines work with these products for mobile hydraulics. In agriculture, ARGO-HYTOS technology ensures the complex functionality, drive and function of combine harvesters, field sprayers and tractors. In addition, our products support the energy transition in Switzerland and globally.

Our hydraulic system solutions help to produce climate-friendly wind energy. This makes the energy supply of entire countries more sustainable and brings us closer to saying goodbye to climate-damaging fossil fuels.

What can we do for you?

Hydraulic drives with gear pumps and more: You will find detailed information on all ARGO- HYTOS products on our website. You can directly view technical specifications and get support for the specific model selection with all customization options. Small guides will help you to customize each product order according to your specifications.

If you have any questions or are looking for individual solutions for your company, we will be happy to help you with personal advice. Use our convenient contact form for this purpose.
You will quickly get answers to all your questions as well as service and support for all your products from ARGO-HYTOS.

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