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ARGO-HYTOS honored as "Winner" of the "Allianz Industrie 4.0 Award Baden-Württemberg" competition in the field of digitalization

Martin Kroboth, Managing Director of ARGO-HYTOS GMBH and Head of Operations Ralph Bauer

Dashboard at ARGO-HYTOS Germany

As part of the "STARTUP THE FUTURE - unlock your digital potential" event on 22 November 2023, Baden-Württemberg's Minister of Economic Affairs Dr Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut presented awards to a total of 24 companies and institutions in the "Winner" category for their level of digitalization in the company.

Following the successful conclusion of the "100 Places for Industry 4.0 in Baden-Württemberg" competition, the Industry 4.0 Alliance is responding to the rapid development in the field of digitalization with this new competition.

At an event in Stuttgart on 22 November 2013, ARGO-HYTOS received an award for its digital dashboards. Martin Kroboth, Managing Director of ARGO-HYTOS GMBH, and Head of Operations Ralph Bauer accepted the award on behalf of production at ARGO-HYTOS Germany. Marcel Müller and Bernhard Schneck were primarily responsible for the implementation within the company.

At the production site in Kraichtal-Menzingen, the dashboards visualize application-specific key figures, process and performance parameters in real time in direct and indirect areas of the company.

A modular system is used for this purpose, on the basis of which the development of the dashboards can be realized completely independently and with minimal effort and reduced know-how requirements.

The agile process offers employees at all levels of the company the opportunity to identify and realize potential for improvement. Automated processing makes it possible to combine different data systems (e.g. ERP, MDE, databases, ...) and thus utilize synergy effects. This means that any deviations from targets, trends, opportunities and risks can be recognized at an early stage and the necessary measures can be derived. The system is used at ARGO-HYTOS to visualize process and performance parameters across all operational areas (e.g. production, logistics, sales, project management, human resources).

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