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New filter series for line installation

Exapor Max 2 Filter

Exapor Max 2 Filter

Spin-on filters are frequently found in hydraulic systems in small wheel loaders and excavators, in mowers and telehandlers as well as in municipal vehicles and machine tools. These filters have design-related negative effects on the environment because a large part of the filter housing is disposed of during maintenance.
Due to constantly increasing power density, tighter environmental regulations and safety requirements, original equipment manufacturers and users are after a more efficient alternative to the spin-on filter.
Filters mounted on the tank offer cost savings in operation but with very compact machines they are often difficult to access and thus more difficult to maintain.
ARGO-HYTOS will be introducing three new filter series for in-line mounting at the Hannover Messe 2011: In addition to suction and return filters, return-suction filters for closed hydraulic circuits have also been developed.
The mechanic/hydraulic interfaces and the dimensions are based on common spin-on filters, making the changeover easy for users.
The high standard of quality is reflected in the new ARGO-HYTOS design, which combines functionality with a clear design.

Economic feed circuit filtration
The new E 068 / E 088 return-suction filters for in-line mounting are available in two sizes.
The bypass valve integrated into the head of the filter supplies the filling pump of the closed hydraulic circuit with prestressed oil. This reduces the risk of cavitation during a cold start.
The bypass valve integrated into the filter element prevents unacceptably high dynamic pressures in the system return line. A downstream protective strainer protects the pump in cold start from coarse particles.
With the two EXAPOR®MAX2 filter meshes available, the following oil cleanlinesses are attainable according to ISO 4406:   

  • 10 EX2:    14/11/ 7 ... 18/15/11
  • 16 EX2:    17/14/10 ... 20/17/12

The filter mesh 16 EX2 already significantly exceeds the requirements of the manufacturer of hydrostatic drives in part.

Maximum pump protection through full flow suction filtration
The new LS 025…080 in-line mounted suction filter with a fineness of 50 µm is perfectly suited to protect the pumps of hydraulic systems or the filling pumps of hydrostatic drives.
There are a total of four sizes available for different volume flow ranges.
The aerodynamic design of the housing in conjunction with a 0.3 bar bypass valve result in extremely low pressure losses – even when taking into account high start viscosities.
Vacuum switches or manometers can be affixed to monitor the filters.

Efficient return line filtering
Especially when using the latest EXAPOR®MAX2 filter element generation, the new D 090…320 series of return filters achieves outstanding oil cleanlinesses.
Due to the compact construction and design as in-line filters, they are easy to integrate into the hydraulic system and maintain, even in confined spaces.
Three grades of filtration, four sizes and numerous options give users a wealth of options to choose from.

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