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High Pressure Safety Filter HD 305 with Reversing Control

HD 305

HD 305

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In vehicles such as loaders, which have a hydraulic quick-change system, combined with a hydraulic clutch system, high pressure safety filters from ARGO-HYTOS can ensure cleanliness in the system. Manufacturers of such machines are looking for solutions that prevent dirt from the tool, e.g. large particles, from entering the individual hydraulic components what may lead to massive damage or even total failure. The vehicle hydraulics must be protected – regardless of the affiliated tool.

In view of these requirements, ARGO-HYTOS provides the perfect solution with its new half reversible high pressure safety filter HD 305.

The filter is per function, e.g. gripper open/closed, integrated in the two lines to the consumer (scissors, gripper etc.). For each line there is a separate filter with reversing unit available, which is hydraulically isolated from the other.
The oil flowing to the consumer is allowed to pass through in unfiltered condition. The returning oil from the tool is led through the filter element.

Features and benefits at a glance:

  • Compact design
  • High pressure filter with reversing control pressure filter for two separate circuits
  • Protection of the vehicle hydraulics regardless of the affiliated tool
  • Nominal flow up to 300 l/min
  • Filter fineness 60 µm
  • Operating pressure up to 400 bar

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