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FAPC 016 – 12105: Even better now!

All these factors may influence the service life of your machine!
Tests revealed that approx. 80 % of all unplanned shutdowns are related to the condition of the fluid.
The better the fluid is treated and controlled the better is the machine’s state.

Do you regularly control your fluid?
With the new FAPC, ARGO-HYTOS offers the perfect combination of contamination control and filtration.

By combining proven functions and modern advanced technology ARGO-HYTOS once again improved the operation and functionality of the FAPC 016.
The display of the OPCom II allows reading of the cleanliness classes at a glance.
Due to the extension of the memory, 3000 data records can be stored.
These data records may comfortably be read out via the new positioned RS 232 interface together with the PC.
Thanks to the proven user interface of the OPCom II, an intuitive and simple control concept could be realized.

Concerning the functions, no compromises have been made!
All currently known functions are available to perform, such as switching over to the determination of the cleanliness classes before / after filter and simple element change.
Using water absorbing filter elements is still possible without conversion.
All documents have been revised and are available on the website.

Here is the order number:
FAPC 016 – 12105    Mat. no.: 34292600

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