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Level Measurement with Oil Condition Monitoring

In the focus of continuous fluid monitoring there are above all systems which provide reliable condition assessment of hydraulic fluids. The LubCos Level sensor series, launched on the market in 2013, covers precisely all these demands. The combination of continuous level measurement, measurement of temperature and relative humidity with simultaneous determination of fluid-specific parameters, allows a detailed statement about the oil condition of the monitored system.

The level sensors are initially available in three sizes which offer a wide measuring range for level measurement. In addition to the level measurement, the oil condition sensor LubCos Level reliably detects the humidity content of the lubricant and can thus warn against an excessively high water content. Furthermore it determines three more oil parameters: the relative permittivity, the specific conductivity and the temperature of the fluid. From these parameters the sensor recognizes and documents the oil aging, oil type and oil mixtures, and – with appropriate parameterization – the sensor may also derive the remaining lifetime of the oil. In that way greater wear due to high strain to the oil can be recognized at an early stage or with lower strain the oil change intervals may be prolonged accordingly. The combination of a number of measurements in one single sensor allows a compact construction of the tank and prevents leakage by less tank openings.

The sensor is designed as a screw-in sensor and communicates optionally over a serial RS232 interface, two analog 4-20mA outputs or over a serial CANopen.

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