We produce fluid power solutions

The ARGO-HYTOS Screw-in Cartridge program offers a wide function range for mobile and industrial hydraulics. Typical functions are the flow direction control and pressure control in the hydraulic circuit. The most common...more

The high pressure filters of the HFL series are suitable for applications with extreme ambient conditions thanks to their corrosion-resistant filter housings made of stainless steel. Typical applications are in the energy and...more

In fluid power systems, the oil is regarded as a structural element that satisfies the most diverse tasks. It transmits power, takes over the lubrication, the heat balance and transports dirt to the filters. Although there are...more

The sector “industry” is significantly represented by machine tools which are needed for any production. Tool clamping, tool exchange, work piece clamping, axis braking and working head clamping belong to typical functions of...more

In vehicles such as loaders, which have a hydraulic quick-change system, combined with a hydraulic clutch system, high pressure safety filters from ARGO-HYTOS can ensure cleanliness in the system. Manufacturers of such machines...more

With increasing demands on function integration and cost efficiency, plastics as a material for tank production are becoming increasingly important. In addition, designers expect almost unlimited creative freedom. Meanwhile,...more

Particularly in self-propelled machines such as wheel loaders, pavers or mowers which are equipped with a hydrostatic drive (closed circuit) and combined working hydraulic system (open circuit), the filter concept furthermore...more

Are there specific types of off-line filtration which are increasingly used? If so, why?Yes, we see that the demand for mobile units with integrated sensors is growing. Experienced maintenance and service employees nowadays are...more

Development trends in the construction machine Performance and security, coupled with an increased operating comfort, define today‘s development trends while simultaneously reducing operating costs. Progressive approaches in the...more