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Quality as a matter of principle

Consistent design and robust processes is the basis for high-quality products, exactly meeting the defined requirements and guaranteeing a smooth functioning. Quality is not only achieved through systems and procedures but above all it reflects how all involved parties think & act irrespective of their function like manufacturing, administration, product development, sales, etc.

  • It is our goal to be among the best suppliers of our customers.
  • The standard for this is set by the customer
  • The zero-defect philosophy applies to all our products and services, it is the basis for our business and quality management system
  • Continuous improvement is our way to fulfill our goal

We plan to implement these principles by

  • making our employees aware of the responsibility for the quality of our products and of our services and by transferring this responsibility to them
  • using and encouraging the competence and experience of our employees
  • living and continuously improving our described management system
  • setting ourselves ambitious, measurable, and achievable objectives whose fulfillment we will monitor on an ongoing basis and initiate timely effective correction measures in case of non-compliance
  • avoiding failures before detecting them
  • quickly and effectively removing the causes when failures occur
  • providing the necessary resources in order to create optimal conditions for the design and further development of our products
  • working in co-operation with reliable suppliers and integrating them in our quality processes
  • by being a good partner for our customers, by understanding their demands and pursuing a common goal

That makes ARGO-HYTOS a reliable partner for whom quality is an integral part of the company philosophy, which is always in the minds of the employees and is lived every day anew. As a result of the emphasized high degree of vertical integration in our production facilities, ARGO-HYTOS can directly influence all decisive processes and can optimally control all quality criteria.

Another factor is a thorough quality management, certified according to ISO 9001 and covering all parts of the company from the production and beyond.

Updated 04/2021
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