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Sandra Pfister
Group Process Data Manager at ARGO-HYTOS Switzerland (HQ)
Joined the ARGO-HYTOS family in March 2021

What does a day in the role of a Group Process Data Manager look like?

I work a great deal for our process re-engineering project, which includes the transformation from SAP R/3 to SAP S4/Hana. I’m responsible for the migration and the master data management.

The goal is to find out how the entities work and to merge their approaches into a global process as well as to harmonize the master data. If we are talking about master data, we are talking about several categories such as material master, customer, vendor, bill of material etc. – there is a lot of different data that we must take care of.

Since I work across departments, the tasks are very different which makes my day very varied.

What was the moment where you knew you made the right decision to join ARGO-HYTOS?

There is no special moment. We have a great team on which you can rely on even in high stress situations. It’s fun to work together.

What do you value the most about ARGO-HYTOS?

The people are open to new ideas, they get involved and you can benefit a lot from their expert knowledge.

ARGO-HYTOS is all about coming up with solutions. How do you (and your team) come up with solutions? How does ARGO-HYTOS as an employer support you (and your team) in bringing these solutions to life?

In the process re-engineering project, we are always working in a team with different stakeholders from ARGO-HYTOS. For example, if we want to produce a valve, we need a lot of master data in the system before we can start with the production. The raw materials have to be active and available in our warehouse, so the bill of materials needs to be maintained. We have to be sure that we are able to store the materials in the warehouse and, finally, the finished product needs to be saleable.

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