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Valves for agricultural machinery gears



For decades, ARGO-HYTOS has been reliably supplying high-quality hydraulic 3/2 switching valves as well as proportionally controlled pressure regulating valves to renowned transmission and tractor manufacturers.

These are used in both powershift and continuously variable transmissions. Electro-hydraulic shifting of PTO drives and their speed ranges, activation of all-wheel drive and differential lock and clutch operations for e.g. the PTO drive are realized with these valves.


ARGO-HYTOS offers these valves as a cost-effective slip-in plug-in solution that is fixed in place using a mounting fork and an M8 size screw.

In one type series, the same mounting bore can be used with the PD2E 3/2 switching valve as well as with the PP2P proportional pressure regulating valve. This simplifies valve block production and reduces the number of machining tools.


The valves are tailored to the pressure range in agricultural machinery transmissions (up to max. 50 bar) and thus offer exactly the performance required in these applications in accordance with the ARGO- HYTOS motto „Just Enough“.

For the electrical connection, all common plug sockets such as AMP and DEUTSCH are available with and without quenching diodes.

Optionally, screen fabrics can be provided at the radial connections of the hydraulic part, which keep coarse contaminants out of the valve and thus prevent the valve from jamming.

Adaptations to the solenoid coils are also possible, as ARGO-HYTOS has the complete know-how available in-house.

Integration of the valves into a customer-specific valve block with pipe connection or flange connection can also be realized.

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