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New pressure filter PFL-232

for the filtration of cooling lubricants

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During machining processes, chips and smaller particles inevitably get into the cooling lubricant. The more efficiently these are removed from the lubricant, the more reliably the machining center works. The purity of the cooling lubricant is particularly important for tools (milling cutters, drills, etc.) that are cooled from the inside, because here the cooling lubricant is conveyed directly into the tool through fine channels at high pressure. If fine particles or chips clog these channels, the cooling process is hindered and the tools can be damaged.

Despite decades of commitment in the field of mobile hydraulics, ARGO-HYTOS has repeatedly developed special filter systems for this market segment of industrial hydraulics.

When a customer with manufacturing locations around the world was looking for a filter solution produced locally in India, ARGO-HYTOS gladly accepted the challenge. And since the ARGO-HYTOS production plant in the south of India also possesses an efficient development department, it did not take long to offer an economical cooling lubricant filter system that met all customer needs.


ARGO-HYTOS has developed a pressure filter with a screen element that serves as a basis for the user due to a large number of possible combinations of housing lengths, connection options, filter finenesses and clogging indicators:

  • max. working pressure 63 bar nominal flow rate 280 l/min - housing approx. 325 mm long, can be used for other flow rates thanks to 2 additional housing lengths
  • incl. electr. clogging indicator w/ LEDs, alternatively without or with other electr. or optical clogging indicator available
  • Filter fineness 60 µm (screen), other finenesses possible
  • thus also flexibly variable for possible future requirements 


  • Modular filter system that meets all requirements for the filtration of cooling lubricants: space-saving, reliable and powerful
  • Efficient use of the often scarce building space thanks to its compact design
  • Numerous configuration options by means of a modular system
  • Energy saving thanks to the filter system optimized for lowest possible pressure loss
  • Extended availability of the processing machine especially through the use of sustainable screen filter elements 

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