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Valve block with expansion option



Our customers are often faced with the challenge that their customers change the machine configuration and equipment at short notice and production then has to react quickly.
For this reason, our customer required maximum flexibility for its valve blocks. To ensure this flexibility, ARGO-HYTOS uses a combination of a customer-specific main block and the option of expanding it with sectional disks.
All main and basic functions, which are the same for every machine type, are housed in the inlet section. These include pressure protection and control of the basic functions with the aid of S/W or proportional valves. Additional functions can be installed directly on the inlet section using individual section disks. To do this, simply remove the closing plate at the end of the inlet section and add 2-3 sections, depending on the configuration.
At the end, the added sections are closed again with the closing plate. As some of the section panels can be used for different functions, the system offers maximum flexibility here too.


ARGO-HYTOS was able to improve the customer‘s existing system and thus implement the customer‘s requirement for maximum flexibility for series production:

  • Combination of customized solution and standard components
  • Modular concept
  • Expandable


  • Improvement of the system
  • Compact unit with maximum flexibility
  • Ready-to-install solution
  • Use of common parts

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