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As a system partner, ARGO-HYTOS responds to the individual needs of its customers - read selected user reports and success stories here.

Maximum flexibility: Valve block with expansion option

Manufacturers are often faced with the challenge that their customers change the machine configuration and equipment at short notice and production then has to react quickly. For this reason, our customer required maximum flexibility for its valve blocks.

Read here, how ARGO-HYTOS was able to improve the customer‘s existing system and thus implement his requirement for maximum flexibility for series production by useing a combination of a customer-specific main block and the option of expanding it with sectional disks.

Download the full success story as PDF.

FNS1 040 - Off-line filter with EXAPOR® AQUA technology

ARGO-HYTOS was recently tasked with conducting a study on long-lasting filters for a producer of reach stackers, who was looking for an cellulose filter element as an optional upgrade for a better productivity of the machines. After careful research and analysis, we presented our alternative solution - the EXAPOR AQUA filter element.

Read here how the results were astounding for our customer, who benefits from an extended oil service life by up to three times, reduced downtime and operating costs by 40%, and a significant 15% increase in productivity.

Download the full success story as PDF.

Return-suction filter series: RST 084

A renowned manufacturer of wheel loaders was looking for a filter solution that would enable optimum utilization of the  installation space by replacing two separately positioned pressure and return filters with the use of just one return-suction filter.

Read the full story, how ARGO-HYTOS was able to establish an innovative filtration concept in mobile devices with hydrostatic drives on the market, which offers technical advantages as well as saving space and costs.

Download the full success story as PDF.

AGCO FENDT – Filtration Working Hydraulics 700 Vario Gen7

As a long-term reliable supplier of AGCO Fendt, ARGO-HYTOS was given the opportunity to develop a customised filtration concept for the working hydraulics of the next generation of the 700 Vario tractor series.

The task was to design a suction filter, two suction strainers, a return filter, filling and ventilation filters, a leakage oil connection and a connection for the system return for the working hydraulics system suitable for a plastic hydraulic tank.

Read here how we found the optimum solution.

Download the full success story as PDF.

Oil Service Units for Fuchs® - With high-performance filters to ensure oil quality

The mobile oil service units from ARGO-HYTOS were developed to ensure or restore the oil cleanliness and quality of fresh oils as well as hydraulic media in use.
At Fuchs®, a renowned manufacturer of handling machines, the mobile oil service units are used in end-of-line quality assurance.

Find out here, how ARGO-HYTOS' oil service units contribute to high cost savings and ensure sustainable use of resources from day one.

Download the full success story as PDF.

EXAPOR®SPARK PROTECT - Protection against electrostatic discharge and its consequences

A complex filter system consisting of return filters & and high-pressure filters was to be designed for a new series of construction service tractors. The particular challenge was that there was a risk of electrostatic charging and discharging in the hydraulic system of this application.

Find out here, how ARGO-HYTOS' EXAPOR®SPARK PROTECT filter elements meet these requirements and how they could be optimally tailored to the customer‘s needs, ensuring a trouble-free and safe operation of the vehicles.

Download the full success story as PDF.

STUMMER Kommunalfahrzeuge GmbH: off-line filter unit for garbage truck

STUMMER, a specialist for garbage trucks, was struggling with contamination or water in the hydraulic system of their machines. There was a requirement to integrate a bypass filter in addition to the pressure and return filters already installed.

Find out here, how ARGO-HYTOS found together with their sales partner HAINZL, who supports STUMMER in Austria, a perfect solution by the off-line filter unit FNS040G incl. EXAPOR® AQUA filter element which is both compact and offers a very good filter performance.

Download the full success story as PDF.

Seeding rate control using proportional valve technique

The aim of precision farming is to control the individual drives of agricultural machinery in such a way that the machines work as efficiently, economically and ecologically as possible, which places certain demands on the hydraulics in these systems – an exceptionally good control performance with low to no losses, regarding both the individual components and the system as a whole.

Read here how ARGO-HYTOS developed a solution which can not only be used in a seed drill as in the customer's request, but also  in all other applications where precise speed control of rotary drives is required.

Download the full success story as PDF.

Valves for agricultural machinery gears

For decades, ARGO-HYTOS has been reliably supplying high-quality hydraulic 3/2 switching valves as well as proportionally controlled pressure regulating valves to renowned transmission and tractor manufacturers, which are used in both powershift and continuously variable transmissions.

Discover all the advantages of the valves here, which are precisely tailored to the pressure range in agricultural machinery transmissions (up to max. 50 bar) and thus offer exactly the performance required in these applications in accordance with the ARGO-HYTOS motto "Just Enough".

Download the full success story as PDF.

AGCO Fendt: Central control block for a narrow-track tractor

Being a long-term supplier of hydraulic components to the renowned tractor manufacturer AGCO Fendt, the customer offered ARGO-HYTOS the opportunity to provide solutions for the application „central control blocks for working hydraulics“ for the narrow-track tractor 200 V/F/P Vario, which is mainly used in fruit and wine growing.

Read here how a very compact and optimized solution could be developed.

Download the full success story as PDF.

Electric steering in wheeled excavator from ATLAS

Classically, the steering of a wheeled excavator is done via the steering wheel.
The electric steering system introduced by ATLAS allows the driver to steer directly via the joystick, making work easier.
ARGO-HYTOS took up the challenge not only to improve this system and reduce costs, but also to develop a compact unit together with ATLAS that can be positioned in the vehicle to save space.

Read in our latest Success Story, how ARGO-HYTOS improved the customer's existing system in a very short time and reduced the installed components and system costs.

Download the full success story as PDF.

Suction filter with hose connection up to DN 60

A renowned manufacturer of telescopic handlers was faced with the challenge of finding a more economical suction filter for a tank system already in use. The suction filter used so far was not easy to install and too expensive.

Read in our latest success story how ARGO-HYTOS made use of its decades of experience in the field of mobile hydraulics and was able to develop a robust suction filter for pump protection in hydraulic and lubrication systems by applying the latest production techniques in the field of plastics technology.

Download the full success story as PDF.

The monitoring solution for gears in the mining sector

Drive gears in the mining sector are exposed to extreme loads, which can lead to high wear in the gearbox and, in the worst case, to failure. To increase the reliability of the gearboxes and to detect damage at an early stage, ARGO-HYTOS has developed the OPCom FerroS wear sensor.

Read here how it helps to monitor the gearbox in real-time and prevents sudden production downtimes by early warning.

Download the full success story as PDF.

Ultimate solution to applications where the flow direction changes

With the modernization and multi-functionality of hydraulic systems, it is common for a jack-up barge, for example, to have more than 30 closed hydraulic sub-circuits with flow rates of up to several hundred liters per minute, in which the flow direction is constantly changing.

Read our latest success story to learn how ARGO-HYTOS bi-directional high pressure filter assemblies allow hydraulic fluids to flow in both directions while maintaining the highest standard of filtration efficiency. 

Download the full success story as PDF.

High-pressure safety filter series HD 040/081/150

Since the operating time of high tech harvesters is very limited due to the annual harvesting window, it is essential to ensure maximum machine availability in this respect.

Read here how ARGO-HYTOS optimized the customers filter system used as wear protection in the hydraulic system to provide increased functional protection on the basis of an optimum cost-benefit ratio.

Download the full success story as PDF.

Digitalization in Mass Production: Online Condition Monitoring

For factories engaged in mass production one of the most important goal is to ensure that the production process is not interrupted at any times.

As the biggest source of failures and problems in hydraulic systems is oil contamination, read here how smart particle monitors by ARGO-HYTOS help to avoid unplanned downtimes and increase both the efficiency & lifetime of the machine.

Download the full success story as PDF.

Tank-mounted return filter kits RFI 206 / 406

For a new generation of agricultural machinery, a future-proof return filter system consisting of as few components as possible had to be developed, which could be ideally integrated into plastic tanks.

Read here how ARGO-HYTOS has developed an innovative return filter system in which the oil flows into the filter element at the bottom which ensures the optimum separation of air from the hydraulic oil at the lowest outflow rates.

Download the full success story as PDF.

New pressure filter PFL-232 for the filtration of cooling lubricants

During machining processes, chips and smaller particles inevitably get into the cooling lubricant. The more efficiently these are removed from the lubricant, the more reliably the machining center works.

Find out here how ARGO-HYTOS developed an economical cooling lubricant filter system for a customer in the market segment of industrial hydraulics.

Download the full success story as PDF.

Tank-mounted return filter E 451-156 with AirEX air separation

Air in hydraulic fluids can have several serious effects in the hydraulic system: dynamic operating problems due to increased compressibility, accelerated oil aging / micro- diesel effect, temperature increase, efficiency losses in pumps, cavitation damage to components and noise generation.

Please click here and read how a new type of air separation system for return filters developed by ARGO-HYTOS helped a customer to avoid these problems.

Download the full success story as PDF.

Return Filter -Series RFI 606 / 1006

Compared to the currently used tank com-partment solution, a future-proof and robust return filter concept was to be developed for new generations of wheeled excavators, which could be more easily integrated into the tank.

Please click here and read how a new filter series was developed together with the customer, combining many detailed solutions from familiar ARGO-HYTOS filters in a unique manner.

Download the full success story as PDF.

Return filter series E 454-156 VD
with diffuser

ARGO-HYTOS was faced with the challenge of offering a filter system to a manufacturer of hydraulic units for CNG pumping stations that was optimally tailored to his needs and ensured trouble-free operation of the plant.

Please click here to read the full success story about the advantages of the ARGO-HYTOS filter with a flow capacity for this system that fully takes into account the cylinder ratio.

Download the full success story as PDF.



Suction filter, tank mounting
Series ES 075

The demand for maximum availability of mobile construction machinery also leads to constantly increasing requirements regarding oil cleanliness.

Please click here to read the full success story and learn about the advantages of the modern and reliable suction filter system by ARGO-HYTOS.

Download the full success story as PDF.



Oil cleaning on lifting platforms
with FAPC 016

To optimize the time factor in the oil cleaning process of its platforms, Palfinger was looking for a suitable filter unit with direct oil cleanliness indication on the filter units and a high volume flow.

Please click here and read how ARGO-HYTOS' oil service unit FAPC 016 improves the process and has been adapted precisely to the customers' needs.

Download the full success story as PDF.

Expansion of the
pressure filter series
D 072/D 112/D 152

Our customer needed a cost-effective filter system, which not only had the necessary features, but was also backwards compatible and could be integrated quickly and easily into all machines.

Please click here to read how ARGO-HYTOS took advantage of its broad product range and created the ideal solution based on existing components.

Download the full success story as PDF.

Service companies in the wind power industry:
ARGO-HYTOS filter elements in after-sales

With currently around 30,000 wind turbines in operation only in Germany, there is an enormous demand for spare parts in the service / after-sales area.

Please click here to read the full success story of ARGO-HYTOS' cost-effective alternatives for filter elements in lubricating oil systems of wind power plants.

Download the full success story as PDF.

Flexible medium-pressure filter system
Series HD 037/HD 057/
HD 077/HD 097

The latest valve technology and the demand of modern mobile machinery for maximum availability lead to constantly increasing requirements regarding oil cleanliness.

Please click here to read the full success story and learn about the advantages of the new flexible medium-pressure filter system by ARGO-HYTOS.

Download the full success story as PDF.



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