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PRM8 design features

PRM8 design features

ARGO-HYTOS product range of Modular Directional Valves (CETOP) – solenoid operated

ARGO-HYTOS product range of Modular Directional Valves (CETOP) – operated in a different way

ARGO-HYTOS product range of Modular Proportional Directional Control Valves (CETOP) (REDESIGN: *Concerning proportional valves with integrated electronics PRM7-06* and PRM7-10*.)

Example of the PRM9, based on spool design optimization, optimization of the valve housing machining and an increased solenoid force

PRM9 design features, basic configuration: 1 Optical feedback (LEDs), (Power, CANopen, Error), 2 Metal housing for ECU IP67, 3 µ-USB vs. USB Interface, 4 CAN - Address, 5 CAN - Baud Rate, 6 Standard MIL Connector, 7 M12 Connector: ext. sensor, 8 M12 Connector: CANopen, 9 Internal position sensor, 10 Solenoid connection with inside wiring

The sector “industry” is significantly represented by machine tools which are needed for any production. Tool clamping, tool exchange, work piece clamping, axis braking and working head clamping belong to typical functions of these machines with high influence on the machining precision and these functions are mainly secured by hydraulic power. Therefore, there is a high demand on the hydraulic components regarding reliability, life time, working performance and efficiency. ARGO-HYTOS is a leading company in the industrial hydraulics which is proven by a long-term cooperation with TOP machine tool producers.

Focus on technology and quality
ARGO-HYTOS is boosted by high experience in machining and production process control. CETOP valve bodies are machined on robotized production working units and finished on CNC honing machines with automatic feedback. The spools are turned on lathes with SPC (statistical process control), then heat-treated and finished on CNC centerless grinding machines with automatic feedback. All related processes are optimized regarding quality and production times, which make us very competitive all over the world. ARGO-HYTOS cooperates only with selected suppliers who have a high impact on the quality control. From this point of view: the lower the waste piece rate at the beginning of the process, the lower the possibility of a waste piece to appear on the customer side. This attitude makes ARGO-HYTOS extraordinary and it is recognized by many long-term customers worldwide who place their trust in us again and again. Besides, the most important processes are concentrated under one roof.

Main features of ARGO-HYTOS CETOP valves are:

  • Powerful solenoids
  • 5 or 3 chamber design, “Lightline choice“ as per requirement
  • Exceptional high power limits for size 10 (D05) > 140 l/min at 350 bar
  • Low-cost soft-shift option for size 10 (D05)
  • Low internal leakage for spool versions
  • About 20 - 30 standard spool type configurations in each size
  • Standard bodies are phosphate coated
  • High surface treatment option 520 h Salt Spray DIN 9227
  • Meeting demands of dedicated mobile applications

Focus on performance
ARGO-HYTOS offers two kinds of valves regarding the performance. The standard valve series is known as “High Performance” and it is characterized by high transmitted hydraulic power; on the other side there is the “Lightline“ series, dedicated for customers who need lower power regarding their application. The “just enough power philosophy” allows the customers to benefit from lower price and space reduction.

Most important: the quality remains the same for both performances.

There is a wide choice of interchangeable solenoids with different connectors such as DIN or DEUTSCH standard, which are very often used in mobile applications, and APM terminals. The Directional Valves size 06 and size 10 are optionally equipped with an inductive contactless normally open and normally closed spool position sensor which is needed for machines where a risk might appear. The operating fluid temperatures from -30 °C to + 90 °C and the kinematic viscosity of the operating fluid from 10 to 500 mm2s-1 are covered as standard.

Modular Proportional Valves
The Modular Proportional Valves are used for continuous flow rate control and also for changing the flow direction in case of using a valve with two solenoids. The solenoid shifts the control spool to the required position, proportionally to the control current. Modular Proportional Valves are typically used in applications such as material feeders and holders, smooth positioning of platforms etc.

These valves are characterized by a pioneering design, high reliability and stability, coupled with good dynamics.

PRM2 series
Valve control without integrated electronics: can be equipped with electronics EL6 in the form of a DIN cable socket, which is placed directly onto the valve. The miniature electronics provide a modern compact solution for valve control and enable a simple parameter setting with two knobs and a built-in display, e.g. with ramp functions.


  • Compact design with integrated electronics
  • High reliability
  • Simple replacement of the exciting coils including electronics without opening the hydraulic circuits
  • Continuous flow control in both directions
  • Installation dimensions to DIN 24 340 / ISO 4401 / CETOP RP121-H

PRM9 series
The latest development of the Proportional Valves PRM9 are sophisticated valves, optimized according to Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation, characterized by an intelligent control unit in a robust metal housing.


  • Available in two sizes 06 (D03) and 10 (D05)
  • Vibration resistant ECU
  • Fieldbus access / communication


  • Power limit increase
  • Steady performance over different working conditions
  • One solution for several command signals
  • “Slim” design, suitable for mobile and industrial installations
  • User-friendly interfaces (LED / software)

PRM8 series
Pilot Operated Directional Valve size 06. The pilot spool is controlled by solenoids and the main spool is controlled by hydraulic power. The selected concept increases the achieved output parameters of the proportional valve in comparison to a direct controlled proportional valve. Transmitted hydraulic power 350 bar at 130 l/min.


  • Pilot Operated Proportional Valve size 06 (D03)
  • Floating spool principle
  • High transmitted hydraulic power by small electric power
  • Transmitted hydraulic power is equal to size 10 (D05) Directional Valve
  • Installation dimensions to DIN 24 340 / ISO 4401 / CETOP RP121-H

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