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10 Years ARGO-HYTOS Nordic

Lars Ögren, General Manager, ARGO-HYTOS Nordic

Lars Ögren, General Manager, ARGO-HYTOS Nordic

ARGO-HYTOS Nordic building

ARGO-HYTOS Nordic building

Last year ARGO-HYTOS Nordic celebrated its 10 years anniversary.
We would like to use this opportunity to literally open the doors for you and to give you an insight into our location and team in Scandinavia.

Mr. Ögren, would you please describe us your company? Where is it located, how many people work there? Is everyone located in Malmö?
We are located in Malmö, Southern Sweden. Totally, we are today 11 employees.Seven people are located in Malmö (including myself sometimes). The others are located in Norway, Finland and Denmark according to our company’s strategy to follow our customers.

When you started 10 years ago, what was the company structure like? What were the beginnings of the company?
In early 2006, we started the company in a small office space in Malmö. We also had a small warehouse. In total we maybe had 200 m².
We were then four people. Two in Malmö, one in Finland and myself in Stockholm. After some months we were six people.
In the first years, Kalervo Olkkonen and I made customer visits every week to promote Argo-Hytos that was an unknown supplier in the Nordic countries.The turnover of the company increased in a nice way.

In 2009 you moved to a new building. How many square meters do you have now?
We built a new house during 2008 and in January 2009 this building was ready and we moved into 1500 m² of office and warehouse space. I remember that I thought this was too big and we will never need so much warehouse space. I was wrong. Today it is almost too small.

Do you produce products in Malmö or how do you guarantee fast deliveries to customers?
We do some assembling of manifolds with valves and we also assemble smaller quantities of SMA power units.We also carry a big stock for our customers so that we will have the best service level of deliveries as possible.

Can you describe us one of your recent customer success stories?
Maybe six to seven years ago we were contacted by a company making systems for the wind mill industry.
The technical and commercial demand this customer has on its suppliers was much higher than what we were used to.
We started with some prototype long time tests and after contract preparation of 1.5 years we finally signed this contract and sales started to increase.
We have spent a lot of time and effort to support this customer and now in 2017 the turnover will be around 1 Million Euros.

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