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Forage Harvesters

ARGO-HYTOS has been working with the leading forage harvester manufacturers worldwide for decades. In sensor, filter and valve technology, ARGO-HYTOS develops components, clever subsystems and innovative system solutions for forage harvesters in close cooperation with customers.
Some examples are:

  • Proportional axle or independent wheel suspension with position and damping control
  • Brake release device
  • Lifting and cracking adjustment device
  • Knife grinding device
  • Volume flow control for spout and discharge flap
  • Volume flow control for attachments / working drives
  • Filter systems from ventilating to suction, pressure, return and return-suction filters
  • Safety filters and suction strainers

In addition to sensor technology for pressure, temperature, flow and position, oil condition sensor technology is increasingly gaining ground. Since the forage harvester is an important machine in the agricultural process chain of forage and energy production, flawless, uninterrupted operation is critical. The elements of data acquisition, transfer, interpretation and prediction regarding the oil and wear condition of the machine create added value for manufacturers and users.

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