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Electronic control unit EL7-E in DIN rail design


  • Digital electronic control unit for connection to DIN rail, designed to control of single or double solenoid hydraulic valves
  • Wide range of supply voltage from 9 up to 32 V DC
  • Easy parameter setting via Bluetooth – class 2
  • Android + iOS application for parameter setting and monitoring, also suitable for servicing
  • Controlled by analogue input command signal or by connection to CAN bus line (protocol EN 50325-4 + DS408)
  • Optional type of input command signal
  • Wide setting range of frequency 80 … 1000 Hz of PWM output control signal to solenoid coil
  • Amplitude and frequency of dither are adjustable separately for each solenoid (at the fixed PWM frequency 15 kHz)
  • Resistant to interferences, electrostatic discharge and quick transiens
  • Flexible and reliable function of system achieved by using a fast 32-bit ultra-low-power processor
  • The 12-bit A/D converter assures high resolution and accuracy conversion of input command signal

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