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Tank-mounted return filter kits RFI 206 / 406



For a new generation of agricultural machinery, a future-proof return filter system consisting of as few components as possible had to be developed, which could be ideally integrated into plastic tanks. Regarding the hydraulic tank, it had to be considered that it can be walked on, e.g. for cleaning the vehicle, and that relatively high manufacturing tolerances occur due to its production process.

In addition, the return line required to be able to be connected directly to the underside of the tank. Furthermore, a solution for air bubble separation in the tank had to be provided.


Together with the customer, ARGO-HYTOS has developed an innovative return filter system in which the oil flows into the filter element at the bottom which ensures the optimum separation of air from the hydraulic oil at the lowest outflow rates.

Since this brand-new filter system consists of only 3 parts, filter element, connection nozzle and cover, a completely tidy tank surface was created. Only the cover necessary for filter maintenance is to be found there. In addition to the bypass valve and the protective strainer, a patented copy protection is integrated into the filter element to ensure that only original spare parts can be used. It is fitted directly on the connection nozzle, on the outside of which the return line is attached. All parts are robust and made of plastic and can be assembled quickly and easily. As a result, and since no connecting or assembly elements such as hose fittings are necessary, the requirement for cost savings has also been optimally taken into account.

Based on this project, a series with the following key data has been developed:

  • Filter finenesses 10 µm(c) and 16 µm(c)
  • 2 lengths (approx. 250 mm and 460 mm)
  • Nominal flow rate up to 400 l/min
  • Can be used with or without filter bowl
  • Suitable not only for plastic tanks


  • Cost-optimized filter design with excellent performance data
  • Optimal pipe routing and tidy tank surface
  • Reduced risk of plagiarism through standard copy protection
  • Maximum functional protection through air separation and the latest high-performance filter element technology EXAPOR®MAX3

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