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Oil Service Units for Fuchs®

With high-performance filters to ensure oil quality



The mobile oil service units from ARGOHYTOS were developed to ensure or restore the oil cleanliness and quality of fresh oils as well as hydraulic media in use.
The high-performance filters installed in the oil service unit eliminate contaminants with a high separation performance. If required, an EXAPOR®AQUA element is used to additionally eliminate water ingress in oils.
At the heart of each unit is the latest generation of EXAPOR®MAX 2 and EXAPOR®MAX 3 filters with maximum performance characteristics in dirt-holding capacity and flow behavior.
Integrated particle counters and humidity sensors from ARGO-HYTOS are installed in the units. After reaching the desired oil cleanliness, the device switches off fully automatically and makes the achieved values ISO, SAE or NAS available to quality assurance via integrated printer or USB.


At Fuchs®, a renowned manufacturer of handling machines, the mobile oil service units are used in end-of-line quality assurance.
Here, oil volumes of approx. 130 - 270 liters are checked and cleaned within a short time. An adjustable delivery volume of the UMPC 045 from 20 to 70 l/min ensures optimum lead times.


During acceptance, a one hundred percent test of the hydraulic media is carried out. This ensures smooth commissioning of the application, avoids downtimes, relieves the main flow filters and increases the quality standard for the end customer.
From day one, ARGO-HYTOS oil service units contribute to high cost savings and ensure sustainable use of our resources.

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