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Oil cleaning on lifting platforms from PALFINGER Platforms with FAPC 016


The specification of the required oil cleanliness values of Palfinger Platforms according to ISO 4406 is currently 17 / 15 / 12; the tank capacities for the majority of the produced lifting platforms range from 45 to 400 liters of oil. During the test procedure the time available for oil cleaning of the lifting platforms is strictly limited. To optimize the time factor, Palfinger was looking for a suitable filter unit with direct oil cleanliness indication on the filter units and a higher volume flow. In 2015, three FAPC 016 filter units were purchased from ARGO-HYTOS, which were best suited for the required purpose due to their easy handling. 

With this oil service unit, hydraulic and lubricating oil systems can be easily filled and cleaned off in the bypass flow. The requirements of Palfinger Platforms for an additional oil sampling point on the unit were also met. ARGO-HYTOS modified the FAPC 016 and adapted it precisely to Palfinger‘s needs. In cooperation with the company HANSA-FLEX in Görlitz, the basic units were equipped with new hydraulic hoses with quick couplings, a high-pressure filter HD 150 from ARGO-HYTOS as a new practical pump protection instead of a plastic part and an additional oil sampling point, thus offering an ideal solution.

During the final inspection of the lifting platforms, the filter unit is connected and the hydraulic oil is cleaned off with a volume flow of 16 l/min in a bypass flow. The compact design of the FAPC allows easy transport and access even to hard-to-reach areas of a hydraulic system such as the oil tank. With the integrated EXAPOR®MAX 2 ultra-fine filter elements from ARGO-HYTOS, the highest degrees of cleanliness can be achieved through a high separation efficiency and large dirt holding capacity. During the cleaning process, the required cleanliness class can be permanently monitored with the integrated OPCom particle monitor. The display shows the atomic numbers of the particle sizes 4, 6, 14 and 21 µm according to ISO 4406:1999.

Since the use of ARGO-HYTOS oil service units has been fully proven at Palfinger Platforms, two additional FAPC 016 units were ordered at the beginning of April 2020. The ARGO-HYTOS team of experts offers ongoing support for all questions regarding fluid management devices and their integration, application and commissioning. The oil service units will thus help to avoid costs arising from possible expensive service visits to users and complaints in the future.   

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