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Innovative Hydraulic Tank with Integrated Return Filter

Filter housing

Positive aspects of the functional integration: 1. Filter housing can be integrated in the tank 2. Filling strainer can be integrated in the tank 3. Integrated oil level indicator 4. Ventilating filter with rollover protection valve 5. Quick connect ports 6. Sensor connections 7. Oil drain plug 8. Baffle

With increasing demands on function integration and cost efficiency, plastics as a material for tank production are becoming increasingly important. In addition, designers expect almost unlimited creative freedom. Meanwhile, numerous methods for tank production have been developed; the advantages and disadvantages of the most common methods should here be briefly compared.

On the market already established technologies in comparison:

  • Welded steel tank
  • Rotationally molded plastic tank
  • Blow molded plastic tank
  • NEW: ARGO-HYTOS injection molded plastic tank
Welded steel tankRotationally molded plastic tankBlow molded plastic tankNEW: ARGO-HYTOS injection molded plastic tank
Tank volumeSuitable for large and small tank volumeSuitable for large and small tank volumeSuitable for large and small tank volumeSuitable for medium and small tank volume
Temperature resistanceVery goodBad when using PP/PEBadVery good
Pressure resistanceGoodAverageBadGood
Chemical resistance (hot oil)GoodLimited with PP/PELimited with PP/PEGood
GeometryHigh costs with complex geometryComplex external geometry possibleComplex external geometry possibleComplex external geometry possible
CleanlinessDifficult to cleanDifficult to cleanDifficult to cleanClean tank without additional cleaning
CostsSurcharges if functions must be integratedIntegration of functions (e.g. filter housing) very difficult; high costs with the use of PA
Integration of functions (e.g. filter housing) very difficultEasy integration of functions (e.g. filter housing) without additional costs

Special features of the new production technology at ARGO-HYTOS
The injection molding technology, which is applied at ARGO-HYTOS, has established itself as one of the most important plastic processing methods. The process allows complex geometries at low manufacturing costs. Functions such as e.g. filter housing can be integrated without additional costs. Also the very good temperature resistanceand the cleanliness of the tank (no additional cleaning required) are decisive criteria in the hydraulics for technology and procurement.

ARGO-HYTOS has manufactured injection molded tanks for numerous applications in mobile hydraulics, in which several functions are integrated such as e.g. a return filter. The ARGO-HYTOS tank solutions allow maximum freedom in design, which in turn means that also scarce space can optimally be used. In addition to the filter housing and filling strainer, also an oil level indicator can be integrated in the tank. Another positive aspect are the so-called “quick-connect ports”, for whose assembly no tools are needed. The connectors are simply plugged into the corresponding tank connectors and fixed by a locking clip.


Advantages of the injection molded ARGO-HYTOS tanks:

  • Installation of a complete module into the machine
  • External return filter is no longer needed by integration in the tank
  • Easy filter element service / exchange
  • Very clean tank module by injection molding technology and contactless welding methods
  • High mechanical strength and thermal stability through the use of polyamide
  • High cost savings

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