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Two solenoids, one control system and an outstanding performance: The SD2E-A4/H3 screw-in directional control valve can be installed in any chamber with a ¾ UNF (SAE 08) internal thread, making it universally suitable.Dowiedz się więcej

Solenoid coils are electromechanical components that convert electrical energy into mechanical forces. By generating a magnetic field, they control the movement of valve spools and thus regulate the flow of fluids in various...Dowiedz się więcej

GI 09

Welcome to the impressive world of hydraulics, where precision and efficiency are the cornerstones of excellent performance! In this blog post, we highlight a technical component that forms the basis for many complex hydraulic...Dowiedz się więcej

[Translate to Polish / Polnisch:] Directional control valve

[Translate to Polish / Polnisch:] A directional control valve is used in hydraulic systems to precisely control the flow of hydraulic fluid. The valves allow directional control of the fluid by diverting the flow in different...Dowiedz się więcej

At the test rig: the clear winner after the air separation comparative test

[Translate to Polish / Polnisch:] We frequently encounter return-line filters in hydraulics. On the one hand, this is due to their inexpensive housings, which have to withstand comparatively low pressures. On the other hand, they...Dowiedz się więcej

Pressure filters play a central role in the safe operation of hydraulic systems. Their task is to protect downstream hydraulic components such as servo valves from potential contamination that may occur in the hydraulic...Dowiedz się więcej

Fluid technology

[Translate to Polish / Polnisch:] Fluid technology is an essential component of many industrial processes. Whether hydraulic systems, pneumatic controls, or process equipment, proper application and maintenance is critical to...Dowiedz się więcej

SF32A B3

[Translate to Polish / Polnisch:] Flow control valves are the invisible heroes in a hydraulic system. The valves play a crucial role in controlling the volume flow of the hydraulic oil. They have a direct influence on the speed...Dowiedz się więcej

DR Desky

Manifolds consist of a large number of integrated valves, such as pressure relief valves, directional control valves and pressure control valves. They are housed in a single casing. This compactness facilitates assembly, reduces...Dowiedz się więcej


In the world of hydraulics, overcenter valves provide precise control and regulation of loads. They provide three essential functions in one component: check valve, pressure relief and cavitation protection. This combination...Dowiedz się więcej

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