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Manifolds consist of a large number of integrated valves, such as pressure relief valves, directional control valves and pressure control valves. They are housed in a single casing. This compactness facilitates assembly, reduces...Dowiedz się więcej

In the world of hydraulics, overcenter valves provide precise control and regulation of loads. They provide three essential functions in one component: check valve, pressure relief and cavitation protection. This combination...Dowiedz się więcej

Hydraulic tanks are indispensable components in hydraulic systems that ensure optimum performance of the oil and thus of the entire system. ARGO-HYTOS offers innovative tanks with integrated functions that optimize both the...Dowiedz się więcej

Check valves: types, functions, etc.

Check valves are essential hydraulic components used in various industries and applications. They control the volume flow or flow rate by blocking it in one direction and releasing it in the opposite direction. In doing so, they...Dowiedz się więcej

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A pressure reducing valve is a hydraulic component from the group of pressure valves that is used in line or hose systems. Also known as pressure regulating valves, the components regulate high or fluctuating inlet pressures in...Dowiedz się więcej

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Numerous applications and systems require a highly precise adjustment of the pressure and/or the volume flow to the operating situation. This task is performed by proportional valves. What are proportional valves? Unlike...Dowiedz się więcej

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Flow or throttle valves such as throttle check valves are important components in hydraulics. This uses the flow energy of liquids or gases for hydraulic or pneumatic applications. In this way, easily controllable linear or...Dowiedz się więcej

Filtration technology forms a central module in the range of components and systems offered by ARGO-HYTOS. Our numerous innovative solutions in the fields of industrial and mobile hydraulics would not be possible at all without...Dowiedz się więcej

Definition, applications and functions of gear pumps

In plants or machines with hydraulic drives, hydraulic pumps are one of the most important components. They deliver an operating medium into the hydraulic system and thus convert speed and torque into hydraulic energy. There are...Dowiedz się więcej


For the past 75 years, ARGO-HYTOS has set trends in the field of Filtration & Fluid Management technology. The history of the new oil service unit UMPC2 is no exception. Numerous meetings and discussions had helped us to...Dowiedz się więcej

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