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[Translate to Polish / Polnisch:] LubMon Connect

[Translate to Polish / Polnisch:] Remote monitoring of a welding plantDowiedz się więcej

LubCos H2O+II

[Translate to Polish / Polnisch:] Aging and water content monitoringDowiedz się więcej


Czujnik lepkości olejuDowiedz się więcej

SP4P1-B4 Proportional

do precyzyjnego sterowania ciśnieniem w układach hydrauliki siłowej Dowiedz się więcej

Teleskoplader Products

If a manufacturer turns to ARGO-HYTOS with the task of realizing a pitching vibration damping in a wheel loader, the customer accompanies the development process in close cooperation with our application experts up to a...Dowiedz się więcej

Damping block for wheel and telescopic loaders

Coordinated solutions: Design to dedication Dowiedz się więcej


The best way to demonstrate the advantages of the modular concept is by using the example of the wheel suspension of a self-propelled sprayer with a production quantity of 15 - 20 machines per year: Due to the ever-growing...Dowiedz się więcej


With the return-suction filter, ARGO-HYTOS was the first filter manufacturer to launch a new, revolutionary filter system on the market. Since then, this filter concept for mobile machines has become a standard in many...Dowiedz się więcej

Closed circuit with suction filter and open circuit with return filter

Ergonomiczna konstrukcja - maksymalne korzyści klientaDowiedz się więcej

Christian Kienzle

Hanover (ots) – On the occasion of the Board of Directors meeting on 19th November 2015, the MDA Board has reorganized. With Christian Kienzle, CEO of the ARGO-HYTOS group, this high-profile committee has elected a new chairman,...Dowiedz się więcej

Fig. 1 Schematic of a hydro-pneumatic suspension system

Hydro-pneumatic suspension systems improve comfort and productivity of vehicles. The fact that these systems are currently utilized in only a small number of vehicles is mainly due to high development efforts and the additional...Dowiedz się więcej

[Translate to Polish / Polnisch:] PS Produkt

[Translate to Polish / Polnisch:] IntroductionThe standstill of a machine can be expensive. For this reason, operators are very interested in a maximum availability of their equipment. So that a machine will pay for itself, it is...Dowiedz się więcej

Opening of the new building of ARGO-HYTOS France

On Friday, July 10, 2015, in a fantastic summer weather, the new building of ARGO-HYTOS France in Forbach, in a beautiful situated location, was officially opened in the presence of customers, colleagues and family...Dowiedz się więcej

Christian H. Kienzle

One who is located in the fluid power industry, associates with the name Christian H. Kienzle mainly two things: the globally successful ARGO-HYTOS Group and the Association Fluid Technology in the VDMA.Born in 1955, Christian H....Dowiedz się więcej

Pressure relief valves in hydraulic accumulator

Hydro-pneumatic accumulators are considered in part as a safety-related component due to their use as accumulators in hydraulic applications. The use is therefore specified in various legal regulations (country-specific) and...Dowiedz się więcej

Mr. Kienzle

Dear Mr. Kienzle, The whole team of the ARGO-HYTOS Group worldwide wishes you all the very best to your 60th b-day.Some people have an energy which grows in a quite mysterious way, the older - or better to say: the more...Dowiedz się więcej

An attractive sector

Last fall, Christian Kienzle was re-elected as chairman of the Fluid Power Association. ke NEXT spoke to him about his view of the fluid industry as well as the future prospects of hydraulics and pneumatics. Let’s talk about...Dowiedz się więcej

Do zastosowań w obszarach zagrożonych wybuchem. Zawory spełniają następujące wymogi: ATEX zgodnie z Dyrektywą 94/9/WE oraz normą EN 60079IECEx zgodnie z normą IEC 60079 Dostępny zakres produktów: Rozdzielacze sterowane...Dowiedz się więcej

ARGO-HYTOS prezentuje licznik cząstek najnowszej generacji. OPCount to przenośne urządzenie  służące do monitorowania czystości płynów hydraulicznych. Umożliwia pomiary zanieczyszczeń w 8 kanałach dla wielkości cząstek: 4,...Dowiedz się więcej

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