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Reinvented Hose Connections - Quick-Connect System

Reinvented Hose Connections

Quick-Connect ports

Conventional fittings

Components of the Quick-Connect kit

Hydraulic tank with various Quick-Connect ports

Innovative low-pressure hose connections
The Quick-Connect system has already proven its worth in harsh field use, in a wide variety of mobile applications for 100,000 times. The quick and easy tool free installation already convinces during installation. Quick-Connect ports are placed on the nozzle and fixed with a locking clip and are ready for immediate use.
Narrow space conditions are safely controlled by a minimum hose distance and by the rotatability of the hose line. A large number of connection variants are available.

Cost savings

  • Tool free assembly and disassembly
  • Space savings through minimal hose distance
  • Increased productivity through reduced assembly time (quick assembly)
  • Weight reduction with plug connection
  • Installation safety thanks to simple visual inspection

Technical data:

Temperature range-30°C … +100 °C
short-term up to +120 °C
Operating pressureup to 10 bar
Suitable forsuction and return lines

It is immediately apparent from the snapped-on locking clip that the connection has been correctly installed on the nozzle. It is not necessary to specify and control a tightening torque. The locking clip prevents the hose from being pulled off the nozzle. In radial direction, however, the line remains rotatable. In many applications this represents a further advantage, since the hose line can thus move into a position as free of stress as possible.

Product range
The ARGO-HYTOS modular “Quick-Connect“ system was introduced several years ago in large series of agricultural and construction machines. In the meantime, more than 20 different connections are available in different sizes and shapes.
The Quick-Connect kit is often provided to the hose supplier. This way, customers receive assembled lines ready for installation.
Plastics and sealing geometry are selected in such a way that the connections can also be reliably installed to metal nozzles.


  • Cost savings
  • Quick and error-free assembly, without tools
  • Nozzles in plastic or metal possible
  • Radial O-ring sealing › Large flow areas, thereby low pressure drops
  • Hose line rotatable 360°
  • Reliable, tried and tested system

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