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Pump-over and filter unit with integrated oil condition monitoring UMPC 045 – 15735

Great challenges – smart solutions

Do you regularly monitor your fluid!?!

With the new UMPC ARGO-HYTOS offers you the perfect combination of oil monitoring and filtration.

Through combining proven functional and modern advanced technology, ARGO-HYTOS could again improve and extend the operation and functionality of the UMPC 045.
All relevant information such as oil temperature, humidity and cleanliness classes are now directly displayed and stored.
These records can easily be read off either via a USB-B port, an SD card or the wireless interface.

Referring to the functionality there can be no compromise!
All known functions as the switching over of the measured values upstream and downstream of the filter as well as “bypassing” the filter in the pump-over operation have been retained.

The use of water-absorbing filter elements is still possible without any conversions.

For more information please see our Data Sheet.

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