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LubMon Connect

Remote monitoring of a welding plant

LubMon Connect

User interface

Data recording

Welding and bending machine for the production of perforated cores and perforated shells for filter elements.

Problems with the oil cooling and high stress on the oil resulted in faster oil aging. Continuous loss in oil.

Functional description
The oil condition is recorded by multiple sensors.  The remote gateway LubMon Connect transfers measured data via Ethernet or GSM to a remote portal that can be accessed via any standard web browser. This allows users to monitor the status of the machine at any time.


  • Easy integration by preconfigured sensor/gateway kits
  • Freely configurable user interface
  • Worldwide access to the machine data
  • Mail or SMS notification in case of alarms or limit exceedances
  • Recording of long-term courses

Technical specific values 

Power supply12…28 VDC
Communication interfacesEthernet
GSM mobile network
Sensor interfaceCANopen
User interfaceWeb based (browser)
Supported sensors: OPCom II, LubCos H2O+ II, LubCos Level, LubCos Vis+, analog sensors via CAN interface


Technical data

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