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Hydraulic Valves - Intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

Hydraulic Valves

In segments of the chemical and petrochemical industries or mines, there appear dangerous explosive mixtures in the form of gas, vapor, mist or dust. It is necessary to ensure a high level of protection against explosion on each part of the mechanical or electrical equipment used in these potentially explosive areas. For application in such areas, ARGO-HYTOS offers a wide range of directional valves of modular and screw-in cartridges.

When using solenoid operated hydraulic valves, a common method is to prevent the accumulation of energy, which would be sufficient for the ignition of an explosive mixture. The hottest part of the valve typically is the solenoid.

Solenoid system:
ARGO-HYTOS‘ new One4All explosion proof solenoids are designed for use in all explosion-risk areas and temperature classes in combination with modern design methods, resulting in a unique hydraulic power performance.

ARGO-HYTOS uses two types of protection on the electrical parts of our valves: Type “Ex e“ - increased safety for the connection terminal on DC coils and type “Ex mb“ - encapsulation on our AC coils with a rectifier bridge.

The hydraulic power transmitted by valves designed for explosive environments is typically lower than the power of conventional valves. ARGO-HYTOS, being in valves and solenoid development for more than 60 years, has achieved extraordinary high flow and pressure parameters thanks to modern development methods in the new directional modular and screw-in explosion proof valve family. One of the key elements is the explosion proof solenoid.


  • Modular valves available in four sizes: 06 (D03), 10 (D05), 16 (D07), 25 (D08) ISO 4401
  • Screw-In cartridges poppet and spool in sizes 08 and 10
  • Special bayonet manual override for all easy emergency switch-overs
  • Unique detent function in modular directional valves
  • Complies with shock & vibration demands

Advantages & Benefits

  • One4All solenoid system for all classes T4/5/6 and all areas, such as mining / gas / oil + dust
  • Solenoids are interchangeable between the modular and screw-in cartridge range
  • Extraordinary high transmitted hydraulic power
  • Steady performance in different working conditions
  • CETOP + SIC valve range robust design for 10 Mio cycles lifetime
  • Screw-in cartridge poppet valves with 0 drop leak and pressure rating 420 bar 
  • Cartridge spool valves equipped with a tumbling nose feature to compensate misalignments of the cavity
  • High oil / ambient temperatures in standard
  • Terminal box suitable for simple and safe cable installation
  • Enhanced surface protection 520h acc. to DIN 9227 Standard

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