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Higher Flexibility for Mobile Transmissions - Screw-in and Slip-in & Cartridge Proportional Valves

Higher Flexibility for Mobile Transmissions

For transmission control

The ever-increasing demand for fuel efficiency and emission reduction continues to drive the need for more efficient, reliable powertrain solutions in mobile construction or agriculture machinery. In these applications we require precise, customizable controls, especially regarding the powertrains.

ARGO-HYTOS offers innovative powertrain valve solutions that help to increase your standards for reliability, efficiency, performance, emissions compliance and system modularity.

Technical Features & Advantages

  • Direct-operated directional and proportional valves for 80 bar and 30 l/min
  • Directional valves PD2E
  • Proportional valves PP2P
  • Pilot-operated proportional valves for 30 bar and 40 l/min, Type SP4P1-B4

NEW Valve Technology for Agriculture Machines

These valve families stand for excellent stability throughout the entire flow range and rapid response to proportional current input with additional advantages, such as

  • One4All cavity system, allowing the interchangeability between directional and proportional valves. This results in a cost-optimized design of the valve block and the flexibility to provide more functional options with just one design of plate.
  • Low hysteresis ≤ 5%, accurate pressure control and low pressure drop
  • Precise pressure control vs current and excellent repeatability
  • Integrated relief function for protection against pressure peaks
  • High flow capacity and low coil power consumption
  • Optional mesh screen
  • Reliability of the design with a lifetime of 10 Mio cycles at rated pressure, also valid for the seals
  • Extended surface protection 520 h according to DIN 9227 standards
  • Extreme resistance to high or low temperatures in range -30 ... +100 °C (-22 ... +212 °F)
  • Optimized design for the best ratio between pressure drop, transmitted hydraulic power and leakage
  • Solenoid electrical terminal option AMP Junior Timer or Deutsch DT-04

For cost-optimized applications of transmission controls, ARGO-HYTOS offers special valves with the mechanical operation PVRR.
These valves allow to proportionally build up the pressure in the clutch, thus ensuring a smooth start of the operation.
The valves are designed for 30 bar and a flow of 20 l/min.

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