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What are the requirements of the market currently placed on hydraulic valves? In addition to the usual features of the valve function, the reliability and a constant performance over the lifetime, we are currently seeing an...Dowiedz się więcej

Christian H. Kienzle confirmed as chairman. German fluid industry expects nine percent growth for 2017. Dowiedz się więcej

Proper filtration, without a doubt, plays an important role in ensuring that hydraulic systems operate trouble-free. High performance filters ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid over its entire service life. In...Dowiedz się więcej


70 lat ARGO-HYTOS. 70 lat doświadczeń i innowacji. 70 lat tradycji i podążania za przyszłością Idealny moment aby powiedzieć DZIĘKUJEMY wszystkim naszym klientom za Waszą lojalność i uznanie wszystkim naszym dostawcom za...Dowiedz się więcej

What predestines the Fluid Technology for Industry 4.0? Fluid Technology uses fluids as operating medium and these are differently used in our components and systems. This also changes the state of the operating media depending...Dowiedz się więcej

There are potentially explosive mixtures in the form of gas, vapor, mist or dust in various segments of the chemical and petrochemical industries or for example in mines. It is necessary to ensure a high level of protection...Dowiedz się więcej

16 Baden-Württemberg flagship projects were honored on 22nd May for the production of the future by Allianz Industry 4.0, including ARGO-HYTOS. For more information click here. What problem is addressed by the Industry 4.0...Dowiedz się więcej

State Secretary of Economics Katrin Schütz honored the current winners of the competition “100 Locations for Industry 4.0 in Baden-Württemberg” on May 22, 2017. All in all, sixteen companies and institutions were honored, that...Dowiedz się więcej

The ARGO-HYTOS Screw-in Cartridge program offers a wide function range for mobile and industrial hydraulics. Typical functions are the flow direction control and pressure control in the hydraulic circuit. The most common...Dowiedz się więcej

Mr. Kienzle, for the few who do not know you: please introduce yourself. How did you come to your current position? ARGO-HYTOS is a family-owned company founded 70 years ago, which originated from the Kienzle Concern. In 1982,...Dowiedz się więcej

Competitive advantages for manufacturers and operators of wind power systems thanks to an innovative development from ARGO-HYTOSDowiedz się więcej

The high pressure filters of the HFL series are suitable for applications with extreme ambient conditions thanks to their corrosion-resistant filter housings made of stainless steel. Typical applications are in the energy and...Dowiedz się więcej

The orientation of the ARGO-HYTOS Group with regard to customer and market requirements follows a clear maxim: a strict orientation towards the needs of national and international customers. It is always important to listen to...Dowiedz się więcej

Marco Bottura leaves ARGO-HYTOS Italy after 25 years as Managing Director. We sincerely thank him for his excellent work and wish him all the very best for his future. Mario Meloni, who joined ARGO-HYTOS in 2014, is now Managing...Dowiedz się więcej

In fluid power systems, the oil is regarded as a structural element that satisfies the most diverse tasks. It transmits power, takes over the lubrication, the heat balance and transports dirt to the filters. Although there are...Dowiedz się więcej

The sector “industry” is significantly represented by machine tools which are needed for any production. Tool clamping, tool exchange, work piece clamping, axis braking and working head clamping belong to typical functions of...Dowiedz się więcej

Last year ARGO-HYTOS Nordic celebrated its 10 years anniversary. We would like to use this opportunity to literally open the doors for you and to give you an insight into our location and team in Scandinavia. Mr. Ögren, would...Dowiedz się więcej

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