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Success Story: Main Manifold for A Multifunctional Equipment Carrier

Main Control Block Multihog

Today's customers place high demands on an up-to-date hydraulic system in mobile machinery:

  • Reliability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Compact design

Manifold assemblies from ARGO-HYTOS offer the necessary flexibility for efficient solutions. Different designs, sizes, and control strategies can be combined to create an application-specific optimum.

However, it is not enough to simply offer components to the customers. Their wishes and requirements must be realized – either by finding a new approach or by optimizing existing solutions.

In close cooperation with the customer, ARGO-HYTOS develops clever subsystems and innovative system solutions.

ARGO-HYTOS’s goal is to work together with customers to improve the functionality of the system beyond the existing solution.

Decades of experience and competence play a significant role here, but also a collaborative communication both internally and with the customer.

One example
A manufacturer of multifunctional equipment carriers was planning to improve the structure of their new model range and to advance existing functions.

The customer allowed detailed insights into the machine and into the ideas and concepts of the design engineers. This way, our application engineers gained a profound understanding of the application and its functionality.

In in-depth discussions with the customer, the requirements posed on the new manifold assembly were defined in detail and subsequently translated into hydraulic schematics, resulting in various proposed solutions – customized manifold assemblies with proportional sections and a combination of screw-in valves, flange fitted valves and modular section valves.

Prototypes were built in a short amount of time and tested at the customer’s site.
The innovative solutions, the goal-oriented cooperation of the international Applications team and the competent on-site support provided by our sales staff convinced the customer of our capabilities.

It takes competence and experience to understand the functionality of a machine and to improve existing solutions – but it also takes courage to think and implement what has not been thought of and done before.

Thinking out of the box is the key to success.




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