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Hide and seek - A reflection on market development, customer relationships and thinking out of the box


Being close to the customer broadens your horizons. Engineers Dr. Lars Brinkschulte and Dr. Matthias Hirtz from the Applications team are convinced of that.

Nowadays, customers have very high demands, which is both a challenge and a blessing. ARGO-HYTOS is progressively evolving from a supplier offering components to a technology and development partner. Obviously, it requires a lot of time and effort to bring the customer into our own ‘development lab’ when realizing the desired product requirements. However, there is no one who knows the needs of the application better than the end user who will be operating the machine.

Today’s customers want customized technology that works reliably over very long periods of time.

Due to tightly scheduled process chains, machine downtime is cost-intensive and not accepted by end users. For this reason, it is crucial for the user that a hydraulic system permanently monitors itself with intelligent sensors, for example, and reports malfunctions – before they become a problem for functional performance.

Long story short, the industry is getting smarter as products and solutions carry and communicate information independently. The same is required of us and our team. In our role as development partner, we bring an innovative spirit that represents what our company stands for. Our communication with the customer and the internal team is based on collaborative effort and a mutual respect for one another. After all, proximity reveals details that cannot be seen from a distance.

It is no longer enough to simply read the customer’s wishes off their lips. In our development partnerships it is imperative that we realize the needs and requirements of the customer by offering new solutions or by optimizing existing ones. Things become even more exciting when developing features that the customer has not even thought of. A thorough understanding of the functionality of the machine and ways to improve the existing system are required here. But it also takes courage to think about and execute what has never been done before. Thinking out of the box is the key to success.

Going the extra mile: How to think out of the box

That is how you promote internal networking
The development and realization of unconventional ideas begins with a strong team. At the end of the day, the shared journey is more rewarding and educating than reaching the finish line. Competition and self-interest have no business here.

Clear statements
When employees make the effort to brainstorm new ideas, they have a right to timely, detailed and constructive feedback. It pays off for managers to listen to all suggestions even if they appear unrealistic at first glance.

Failure is not the end of the world
Some interesting ideas remain hidden behind the curtain because the creative thinker fears negative consequences. Making mistakes and accepting failure prevents self-censorship and creates creativity.

Learn to say ‘no’
Not every unusual idea is promising and feasible. If, after careful consideration, one comes to the conclusion that an idea will lead to a dead end, it is time to reject it before it creates unnecessary troubles.

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