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Sébastien Fortin
Sales Engineer at ARGO-HYTOS in France
Joined the ARGO-HYTOS family in January 2018

What does a day in the role of Sales Engineer look like?

A typical day of a sales engineer is very varied. The most important task is to keep the customer content. This occurs through continuous communication by phone, e-mail, web meeting or personal visit. I am in charge of the presentation of new products, provide information on the progress of projects and take charge when it comes to pricing negotiations and reporting. I am also in very close contact with the back office to exchange information on current projects. Additionally, I collaborate with customers to evaluate the different solutions that could solve their problems and recognise as well as evaluate customer needs ahead of time. Therefore, I build the bridge between ARGO-HYTOS and its customers.

What was the moment where you knew you made the right decision to join ARGO-HYTOS?

I knew I made the right decision in joining ARGO-HYTOS when I took notice of our customers worldwide and the legacy as well as the impact that they represent. That was the moment I knew I was part of a very important company that captures respected values desired by the big players of the industry.

What do you value the most about ARGO-HYTOS?

I value the diversity of the product range and our ability to propose customer-oriented solutions. That makes ARGO-HYTOS a strong strategic partner for all our customers. Additionally, ARGO-HYTOS has many younger employees, which is a great advantage when it comes to innovation, agility and persuasiveness.

ARGO-HYTOS is all about coming up with solutions. How do you come up with solutions?

Know-how, dialogues and communication are essential when it comes to ARGO-HYTOS and the customer as well as ARGO-HYTOS and myself. This is one of the reasons why I am in constant contact with our back office here in France. Our knowledge and level of expertise is very high, and ARGO-HYTOS has many resources available to bring solutions to life.

Watch Sebastién telling us how he and his team are coming up with solutions:

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