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Environmental Policy at ARGO-HYTOS

Since we care about our employees, neighbors and the public, as well as about future generations, the protection of the environment is very important to us. Having well-trained, well-informed, highly motivated employees is a prerequisite for active environmental protection. In addition to conforming to all relevant environmental regulations and other binding requirements, we commit ourselves to assessing all processes and activities regarding their potential impact on the environment, to avoiding the waste of resources and to advancing our processes and products in a sustainable, climate-neutral way.

Considering environmental aspects in procurement, development, manufacture, and distribution of our products (valves, power packs, filters, filter elements and accessories for hydraulic and lubrication systems) is an important factor contributing to environmental protection and the prevention of environmental pollution.

We achieve continuous improvement of our environmental management system and our internal environmental performance by planning and implementing environmental policies and objectives and by defining responsibilities. Monitoring and corrective measures contribute to this, as does the evaluation of environmental performance by top management.

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