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Screw-in Cartridge Proportional Flow Control Valve


1-1/16-12 UN • inlet Qmax 100 l/min (26 GPM) • pmax 350 bar (5080 PSI)

  • Proportional flow control operated by solenoid, realized by smooth regulation of flow cross section
  • Possible remote flow control by electric command signal
  • Pressure drop stabilisation with 3-way pressure compensator
  • Regulated volumetric flow independent of load change on an actuator and input pressure fluctuation
  • A and T may be fully pressurized up to 350 bar
  • The 3-way pressure compensator can be changed into 2-way compensator by closing port 2 in the block
  • Three types of connector for electric supply of coils available
  • Additional protection of electronic control unit by incorporating a quenching diode into the connector
  • Manual opening of throttle spool by manual override
  • Standard version zinc-coated with surface protection acc. to ISO 9227 (520 h salt spray)


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