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Proportional Directional Control Valve, with Auxiliary Lever Override


Size 06 (D03) • Qmax 40 l/min (11 GPM) • pmax 350 bar (5100 PSI)

  • Direct acting proportional directional control valve with subplate mounting interface acc. to standards ISO 4401, DIN 24340 (CETOP 03)
  • The valve is used for directional and speed control of hydraulic appliances
  • Auxiliary lever actuator allows emergency spool control by hand when the solenoids are deenergised, e.g. in the case of electrical failures or maintenance activities
  • The flow rate can be controlled continuously and proportionally to command signal
  • The valve can be controlled directly by a current control signal or by means of the electronic control unit to fully exploit the valve performance. The electronic control unit must be ordered separately
  • Wide range of solenoid electrical terminal versions available
  • The five chambers body design reduces the dependence of hydraulic power on fluid viscosity
  • The coil is fastened to the actuating system with a plastic nut and can be rotated by 360° to position suitable for the space available
  • In the standard version, the valve housing is phosphated for basic surface corrosion protection and as preparation for painting. Steel parts are zinc-coated for 240 h salt spray protection acc. to ISO 9227
  • Enhanced surface protection for mobile sector available for the valve housing and steel parts (ISO 9227, 520 h salt spray)



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