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2-Way Flow Regulator with Reverse Flow Check, Pressure Compensated, Modular


Size 06 (D03) • Qmax 22 l/min (6 GPM) • pmax 320 bar (4600 PSI)

  • Mounting interface acc. to ISO 4401, DIN 24340 (CETOP 03) for use in vertical stacking assemblies
  • Set flow rate independent of load pressure and temperature changes
  • Meter-in, meter-out or bleed-off flow control
  • Integrated reverse flow check valve
  • Adjusted flow rate depends on the orifice area and adjusted differential pressure
  • Wide range of flow rate options
  • Quiet and modulated response to load changes
  • Adjustable by metallic hand screw
  • Fine low-torque adjustment
  • In the standard version, the sandwich plate of valve is phosphated for basic surface corrosion protection and as preparation for painting. Steel parts are zinc-coated for corrosion protection 240 h in NSS acc. to ISO 9227.
  • Enhanced surface protection for mobile applications is available. The sandwich plate and steel parts are zinc-coated with corrosion protection 520 h in NSS


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